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Video: Giant anaconda crosses busy road; what happens next will give you goosebumps!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 30 April 2019, 15:39 IST

Imagine anaconda on the road! It will surely scare anyone who would see the giant reptile. Recently, a video went viral on the social media that shows a giant green anaconda crossing a busy road.

Yes, you read right! An anaconda interrupted a busy road when it tried to cross the road in Brazil’s Porto Velho.

After spotting the giant reptile, the pedestrians and traffic were halted until the snake reached to the other side of the road.

As per the reports of Global News, the video was first uploaded on the social media by Italo Nascimento Fernandes.



In the viral video, passerby also stopped their vehicles and allowed the giant snake to cross first.

Many people got frightened after seeing the anaconda and some managed to take pictures and videos of the moving reptile.

Some reports suggested that the snake was over three-meters long and weighed around 30 kilograms.

Also, reports said that the snake might reach the road in search of food.
Biologist Falvio Terassini said, ‘These snakes can appear in the urban area in search of food, which is small rodents, and in the city they can feed on dogs and even cats, so it’s good to be careful not to leave the trash in the yard because these animals can smell the rodents or these animals and come close to homes, especially in the rainy season.’

Watch the viral video:


A few days back, an 18-foot-python was found atop a home in Detroit's East Seven Mile neighborhood. People came to know about reptile when a daog barked at her and alarmed everyone.

What a spine-chilling video!

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