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OMG! Mother panics as she finds huge black mark in her child’s mouth; you won't believe what actually it was

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 5 June 2019, 14:17 IST

A mother got panicked when she noticed some unusual thing in her daughter’s mouth.

Yes, a mom was filled with fear after finding a huge black mark in the child’s mouth.

As per the reports of mirror.co.uk, a mother named Darian Depreta was playing with her adorable daughter Bella and while playing with her, she spotted something in Bella’s mouth.

It was a massive black circular mark which made her frightened. The concerned mother tried to wipe the mark but she failed to do that.

‘I try wiping it to see if it would come off, and it didn't. I immediately call Chandler, my mom and best friend in a panic,’ mother said.

Later, she took the appointment and rushed to the hospital to know what was in her daughter’s mouth.



After reaching the hospital, the nurse tried to clean the mark but unfortunately, she also failed to diagnose it.

The nurse also said that she had never seen anything like it. Doctors jumped to the conclusion that it might be a birthmark but Darian denied that it wasn’t as she regularly cleans Bella’s mouth.

Darian who hails from the US said, “I'm now being told that my daughter will be set up with 2 specialists. After insisting it wasn’t a birthmark on the roof of her mouth, the NP decided to take another look at this medical mystery.”

"I point out it looks a little white on the side and she really gets in there trying to scrape it."

And then they realized what it actually was...

Well, it was a piece of cardboard that Bella chewed and stuck to her mouth’s roof.

She got embarrassed with the incident and also took it to her Facebook account.

She wrote, ‘Yes she could have choked on it and I’m thanking God she did not.

The only reason it was posted was that after crying, panicking and trying to figure out what it was (the doctors didn’t even know), she was ok. The laugh was after the storm of it all.

"And I don’t “let “ my baby chew on cardboard. She’s teething and tries to chew on EVERYTHING.

"She just so happened to find a box while I was loading the dishwasher, which I, of course, took off of her right away.

"I just didn’t realize a piece got stuck up there. I checked her mouth for small pieces right away,’ Darian wrote on FB.

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First published: 5 June 2019, 13:42 IST