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Tejashwi Yadav poses 11 questions to PM Modi ahead of his rallies in Bihar

News Agencies | Updated on: 1 November 2020, 10:14 IST

RJD leader and Mahagatbandhan's chief ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav has posed 11 questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of his visit to Bihar on Sunday (today).

"I want to ask the Honorable Prime Minister the following questions related to the betterment and development of Bihar because according to the NITI Aayog report, Bihar is the worst state among all standards of education and health," Yadav stated.

The questions include, "Why is the double engine government of Bihar spending only 4 per cent of the total budget on water supply and sanitation? And why even 70 per cent of that 4 per cent goes into corruption?"

Why is less than 2 per cent of the total budget is being spent on malnutrition and starvation in Bihar, one of the poorest states of the country? Why has there been malnutrition and starvation in Bihar even after the NDA government's rule for 15 years? Yadav asked.

"Why does the youth of Bihar have to fill the form to become peon and gardener even after doing P.hD Engineering, MBA, MCA? Why is Bihar the center of unemployment and why is the record-breaking unemployment rate in Bihar's double engine government 46.6 per cent?" he added.

The RJD leader further asked the Prime Minister, Why did the labourers who returned to Bihar not getting the benefit of the "Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan", announced by them in June? Why were the labourers of Bihar forced to flee to another state?

"Why have the labourers not been paid for the work done under the MNREGA scheme for the last four months? Who is to be blamed - Centre or State? In spite of putting the maximum number of districts (84 per cent or 32 districts) of Bihar under Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyan, why is the condition of Bihar's labourers most pathetic?" Tejashwi asked PM Modi.

"Despite the issue of job cards provided to a total of 11 lakh families between April and August, only 2,132 families in Bihar were able to complete 100 working days? Why so? Why does NDA's Nitish government spend only 2 per cent of its total budget on Mahadalits?" he added.

The RJD leader further asked, in 2015, how much amount was received by Bihar from the special package of Rs 1 lakh 65 thousand crores announced by him (PM Modi) and what percentage of it has been spent on development works? If the full amount is not released, who is responsible for it?

"Despite being a double engine government, according to his (PM Modi's) promise made in 2014, why Bihar has not been given the status of a special state?" he added.


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First published: 1 November 2020, 10:14 IST