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Siddaramaiah says his birthday celebration plan created stir in BJP

News Agencies | Updated on: 15 July 2022, 8:37 IST

Followers and supporters of former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, are planning to throw a huge party on his 75th birthday.

Siddaramaiah on Thursday claimed that his birthday celebration plan created a stir in the BJP.

"Fans are organizing Amrita Mahotsav on my birthday which has created a stir among the BJP. Thus, speaking out of desperation. Siddaramaiah clarified that no one in our party has raised any objection to this," said Siddaramaiah.

"Millions of people will join the program. So they are afraid of defeat in the next election. Earlier, Yediyurappa had celebrated his birthday. I attended it. Why are they afraid if it is my birthday? Why are they scared of it," asked Siddaramaiah.

"This government is a government of corruption. The price board has fixed the price for the transfer of officers just like the price of breakfast in a hotel," he added.

He said that the Bommai government is a 40 per cent commission government.

Meanwhile, the birthday party plan has resulted in a massive clash within the state Congress as Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar's camp is now demanding a similar kind of bash for their leader too.

However, Shivkumar has denied any claims related to his birthday celebration demands and said that he will be attending Siddaramaiah's birthday bash.

Former Member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly HC Mahadevappa further said that Siddaramaiah's birthday will not be celebrated using the party's logo.

"Siddaramaiah's birthday is not celebrated using the party symbol. It is not our intention to embarrass the party and give a wrong message to the public," said Mahadevappa on the matter.

In the preliminary meeting of the 'Siddaramaiah-75' Amrit Mahotsav Committee held at the Palace grounds on Wednesday, there was displeasure that Siddaramaiah's birthday was being celebrated as 'God's worship'.

Talking to ANI, Mahadevappa said, "This program is not for the glorification of Siddaramaiah. Also, there is no permission in the Constitution to worship a person."

"This program is being held to showcase Siddaramaiah's struggle for the development of the nation. His struggles will be remembered in history. We recognize that. We have observed the work done by him as the President of Kannada Kavalu Samithi," he said to ANI.

"Siddaramaiah's previous government and the current government are being compared. He was good in administrative work. He is an honest politician. Siddaramaiah, who has fulfilled a meaningful public life, needs to be told about it. We are holding this program for that purpose," he justified.

"Siddaramaiah's birthday program is not a party event. He said "we are holding this convention through a committee made up of people and friends from within the party," said Mahadevappa.

In response to a question regarding a letter stating holding Shivakumar's "Shivakumarothsava", he said, "I have no information about the letter reached the committee. Everyone has freedom of expression. What authority do we have to question it? Anyone can do whatever they want freely," he said.

Ahead of elections, a fight appears to have begun between the supporters of former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah and party president DK Shivakumar. Both the camps are eying to project their leaders as chief ministerial candidates for the polls due next year.

And this started with Siddaramaiah's supporters planning a grand birthday celebration for their leader who served as chief minister from 2013 to 2018.

However, Shivakumar's camp too has now demanded a similar function for the party chief.


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First published: 15 July 2022, 8:37 IST