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PM Modi decisive, strong-willed, says Scandia, refrains from commenting on Manmohan Singh

News Agencies | Updated on: 28 October 2020, 18:08 IST

Reserving his comments on former prime minister Manmohan Singh in whose Cabinet he has served, BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia chose to rather praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being 'decisive, strong-willed indefatigable spirit to work for the country'.

The BJP leader has been maintaining silence on his former party. He reiterates that he won't speak on his past (in Congress) and maintain dignity by being silent on issues pertaining to his former party.

However, when asked about the difference between the two PMs- PM Modi and the then PM Manmohan Singh with whom he was in the cabinet- the BJP leader showered praises on Modi while remaining silent on Singh.

The drive and will power, pledge towards decisiveness, and to work round the clock - our country will be prosperous under PM Modi.

Speaking to ANI, Scindia criticised Congress for living in denial and refusing to see the writing on the wall. He was speaking on Congress leader Sachin Pilot's criticism of BJP during his election campaign in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh.

"The problem with the Congress is the party likes to live in denial and refuses to see the writing on the wall and it is only when you believe in acceptance and reflect on your failures and chart a course to future success that you move forward. BJP under the leadership of PM Modi has fulfilled the aspirations of 130 crore Indians which is why once again they reposed their faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and in Trimurti (PM Modi, Party chief JP Nadda, Union home Minister Amit Shah) as I would like to call them," said Scindia.

On crossing paths with Sachin pilot in poll-bound MP, Scindia said that there is democracy in the country and everyone is allowed to visit any place they want. "Why am I not allowed to go to your area and vice versa. Where this narrow mindedness and conservative mindset came from?" he questions when asked if Congress has deliberately put Pilot, a good friend of his, on his turf.

Scindia also praised CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan for his zeal to work with people.

"Earlier, we had different platforms but our thinking was the same - of development, of sensitivity towards people. We have made an agenda for the people of MP be it Kisan Dammam nidihi or Fasal Bima Yojana. The schemes that were locked up by Kamal Nath in his lockers, we restarted them. Under Kamal Nath, all assemblies were devoid of development. He told them that there is no money. Now, the same assemblies are getting Rs 200 to 2000 crores under these schemes. Where did the money come from now? I share a good rapport with Chouhan," said Scindia when asked about his equation with the CM.

Slamming Nath, Scindia said, "Today Congress is itchy because it lost kursi (power). Kamal Nath is going to every assembly today. He hadn't gone to even a district in his tenure as CM. That time he had concerns for notes (money) now because power has gone he is concerned about votes."

Speaking about Congress comments on his stature in BJP, Scindia expressed surprise. He said he isn't one of those people who looks at the number on which the name of a star campaigner is written or whether they are on which number in the poster on the chariot. "My priority is to work for the people. I don't mind where I feature as a star campaigner. We will win with a thumping majority on every seat," claimed Scindia.


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First published: 28 October 2020, 18:08 IST