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Modi govt working towards 'Garib Ko Hatao': Goa Congress chief

News Agencies | Updated on: 20 November 2020, 8:23 IST

Former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi had imposed an emergency in the national interest while the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has an ongoing and undeclared emergency against the interest of the country, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Girish Chodankar said on Thursday.

"Indiraji worked for 'Garibi Hatao' while Modiji is working towards 'Garib Ko Hatao'. Anyone will come to know about these facts if they see how the jobs are destroyed, businesses along with economy collapsed," Chodankar said while speaking at a function to celebrate the 103rd birth anniversary Indira Gandhi at Congress House, Panaji.

Targeting the BJP for disinvestment in public sector units, he said that Indira Gandhi carried out nationalisation for national growth and to bring equality and now Modiji is aggressively promoting privatisation by handing over national assets to private companies to promote his friends.

"Indira Gandhi is still loved by the masses due to her concern showed for the poor, and she is still remembered as Amma. We must emulate her strong leadership qualities. Once she is determined to achieve something, she will not bother who is with her or not and face all hurdles. Today we must not be bothered about how many MLAs and leaders are leaving for selfish interests, but focus on our goal to expose BJP and bring Congress party to power," Chodankar said.

Also addressing the event, former Chief Minister Pratap Singh Rane said, "She (Indira Gandhi) played a key role in maintaining national integrity at the cost of her life. She protected our boundaries strongly. I feel proud to have had the opportunity to work with her," Rane said.

GPCC Vice-President Mk Shaikh said that once Indira Gandhi took a decision in the interest of the nation, she never looked back. He cited her decisions of the abolition of privy purses, nationalisation of banks and creation of independent Bangladesh.


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First published: 20 November 2020, 8:23 IST