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Covid-19 vs Assembly Elections 2021: India to wake up after April 29, lawmakers busy flouting medical guidelines

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 8 April 2021, 8:32 IST
Assembly Elections Assam (ANI)

The assembly election 2021 fever has taken away the spotlight from COVID-19. Some reports suggest that the virus has become less deadly but more infectious. This medical fact needs a lot more investigation, but election rallies, political gatherings, roadshows make one falsely believe that the coronavirus becomes ineffective in States witnessing assembly elections 2021.

Mask the reality

Wearing a mask is a formality done for the news cameras. Well, it is impossible to maintain social distancing during rallies where the sole intention is social mingling. Politicians would argue: the deadly virus should understand the challenges and the need for the politician to win the election.

Good sense, concern for life and livelihood of the masses can wait for some time. Once the elections are over, the fight against COVID-19 could resume, but don't bother the politicians fighting a political battle of survival.

Once polling ends on April 29, politicians could talk about COVID-19 full time.

Politicians embrace silence

Who will raise the voice against the lawmakers breaking the COVID-19 social distancing norms and other medical guidelines? Political parties have gone silent on the need to spread awareness in the fight against the coronavirus. Now, you can't blame them as they plan to flout every norm during the campaign rallies and gatherings.

Conflicting messages do maximum damage

Election-related news eats up maximum time on news channels. The campaign visuals end us confusing the viewers. Why are poll-bound states allowed to exhibit utterly careless behaviour during rallies and campaign gatherings?

In such a scenario, people start taking the COVID-19 threat lightly and the result is the virus rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Night curfews are being introduced which will ensure many people lose their livelihood and earnings.

The Election Commission must reflect upon its role to ensure that only proper means get adopted by political parties in the COVID-19 scenario. Who is ensuring that COVID-19 guidelines are being strictly adhered to during election campaigning? 

First published: 8 April 2021, 8:06 IST