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BJP's 'Suvendu Adhikari is a gaddar', Says TMC leader Kunal Ghosh

News Agencies | Updated on: 15 February 2022, 10:45 IST
TMC's Kunal Ghosh

Trinamool Congress spokesperson and state general secretary Kunal Ghosh on Monday said that the leader of Opposition Suvendu Adhikari is a "Gaddar (traitor)".

Speaking to ANI, Ghosh said, "Suvendu Adhikari is a 'Gaddar' and everyone is aware of his arrogant behaviour. People are not protesting against the BJP leaders Dilip Ghosh and Sukanta Majumdar because they are not traitors to their party. It is only because of Suvendu. People have seen what is happening so they out of frustration have protested. The way Suvendu is acting now I think recently he has watched Pushpa."

The TMC leader said that the BJP is going everywhere but not facing the public.

"As far as moving High Court for the BJP is concerned, they can go anywhere. I think the BJP should move to United Nations because since they are moving to this court, that court, election commission but they are not facing the public. Let them go to the UN and file petitions to send the force from there. Even then the BJP will be defeated badly because they are not facing the public," he said.

Ghosh said that students protested on Monday against the betrayal of Adhikari.

"Adhikari and his members of the family used TMC and on the eve of the Assembly elections joined the BJP. The students protested by raising some slogans against his betrayal. He usually insults journalists and others. On Monday students were just raising slogans against Suvendu Adhikari and he came off his car and ran to the youths. The students did not attack him, they only raised slogans," he added.

He further said that Adhikari should have ignored the protest but he was chasing them like "goonda" (hooligan).

"Whatever the students have done they have done right with Suvendu. Moreover, Suvendu has abused police there also," he said.

Earlier, Ghosh had alleged that Adhikari is feeling suffocated in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and wants to rejoin the Trinamool Congress (TMC).

Speaking to ANI, Ghosh said, "We heard that LoP Suvendu Adhikari is not happy after Contai Municipality list. Adhikari wanted his brother Soumendu Adhikari's name on the list. Soumendu Adhikari was earlier the chairman of Contai Municipality. However, the BJP did not pay heed to Suvendu Adhikari's demand."

The TMC spokesperson said the political dynamics of Purba Medinipur have changed and the Adhikaris no longer enjoy the mileage there.

Adhikari, who was a minister in Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's previous government, had joined BJP in December 2020 ahead of the 2021 West Bengal Assembly polls.


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First published: 15 February 2022, 10:45 IST