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This Pakistani lady's husband didn't get a visa, so she honeymooned alone

Catch Team | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

For any couple set to get married, the wedding is a big deal. Cake, great food, extravagant outfits, being the star of the night and finally, getting your nagging aunts off your back are enough to make any wedding memorable.

But really, the wedding is more for everyone else than the married couple themselves. No, the real fun for newlyweds is reserved for the honeymoon. Peace, quiet, exotic locales, the company of your beloved (or parent-approved and selected) other is definitely more of a treat than the stress and bustle of a wedding.

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Pakistani couple Huma Mobin and her husband Arsalaan Butt evidently like the experience so much, they decided to go on a second honeymoon, less than a year after their first.

After all, Huma and her hubby are the sort of nauseatingly lovestruck couple that take pictures like this when they're together:

This is totally candid, guys. (Huma Mobin/Facebook)

And pictures like this when Arsalaan was away from Huma in Budapest:

Arsalaan Butt/Facebook

So, naturally, a second honeymoon was in the offing. After settling on Greece for their second honeymoon, they planned their holiday meticulously and made all the bookings. There was just one thing they didn't plan for - Arsalaan having his visa application rejected.

While Huma and Arsalaan's parents (because no honeymoon is complete without parents) were all granted visas, Arsalaan was denied.

It says a lot about the Pakistani passport when Greece, the country most desperately in need of tourism dollars after North Korea, Venezuela and Zimbabwe, rejects your application.

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Dejected, at first, Huma didn't want to go to Greece. But, after all the planning and money spent she finally decided to go through with it. After all, her in-laws wanted to go and you can't let elderly people from the sub-continent loose in a foreign country lest they inadvertently say something racist.

So, while Arsalaan remained in the Pakistan, Huma packed her bags for Greece - a country once known for being the pinnacle of intellectual prowess, but is now better known for bankruptcy and yoga.

But she wasn't happy about it. So unhappy that she almost jumped off a ferry:

The things we do to avoid our in-laws (Huma Mobin/Facebook)

Not because of her in-laws either. Well, not just anyway. And, since just telling Arsalaan she wasn't happy about it wasn't enough, Huma embarked on a mad quest to prove the emptiness she felt.

Through poetry? Verse? Song? Of course not, this is 2016. Huma went around Greece getting pictures taken with her best sad pouty face and an arm stretched out just like Arsalaan had done in his Budapest photo.

People in Greece probably thought she was mad, but did Huma care? The pictures, and the fact she put them on Facebook, show she most definitely didn't:

I miss you. Also, what's that smell? (Huma Mobin/Facebook)
Cry you a river? I just cried you an ocean! (Huma Mobin/Facebook)
Thanks for stranding me with your parents. (Huma Mobin/Facebook)
First published: 12 July 2016, 11:50 IST