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Portrait of the Weak: Angst is a stunning homage to the failed and the frail

Soham Gupta | Updated on: 28 October 2015, 16:16 IST

They don't know the terrors that go through your mind as you lie there in the pit waiting for a hint of light to tell you that the night is over - Hubert Selby Jr., The Room (1971)

Angst is my reaction to the trials through which the weak must pass in our society.

This work has its roots in my childhood riddled with severe asthma attacks and in my troubled growing-up years spent trying to come to terms with the world's expectations. Deep within Angst runs my anger, my frustrations, my hatred for a world in which there is no place for the weak, where weaklings are left to rot.

Nourished by this anger, this hatred, this cynicism, this body of work has grown into a hopeless tale of a fictive nighttime hellhole, whose nooks and crannies are inhabited by decaying souls.

Ultimately, I want Angst to stand as testimony to the requiem of countless dreams, even as it is a record of my angst-ridden youth.

Here, a selection of images taken from this vast body of work, with diary entries taken during the nights these images were taken.

Angst is showing as a printed exhibit during the Delhi Photo Festival 2015, at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. The exhibition will be on from 29 October 2015 to 8 November 2015.

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First published: 28 October 2015, 14:01 IST