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"In radio, we don't sell news but we do play with it"

Mohit Mohanan | Updated on: 13 February 2018, 21:12 IST

Radio is important for various reasons. For one thing, it remains the most widely accessible form of media for people across the world. A simple device or a cell phone with no internet connection would suffice. It can easily reach marginalized communities, the poor and the vulnerable.

UNESCO has announced the theme of the seventh edition of World Radio Day today as "Radio and Sports". Every country has a different radio culture. Listening to the radio can set your mood for the day with your favorite kinda music, and it also ensures to make you aware of the important views and news so you know what’s happening around.

The one thing which is good about radio is that even as people fight to get more wifi connectivity and higher speed of the internet for access to information, radio waves have always been freely accessible in every part of the country. This is the only audible form of media which gives you entertainment and information at the same time.

Speaking on the importance of Radio, RJ Aroon from FM Tadka shares some insights about how it is like to be in radio industry.


How long have you been in this industry?

It's been 6 wonderful years. I started very early at the age 16. If you have to be in this industry, being a big mouth is not enough. You have to be very informative and creative. In radio, we don't sell news but we do play with it.

How was your journey in this industry?

It was amazing. I learn and improvise every time because it is very important to showcase your talent when you are on air. I am the only RJ in the entire country who does shows for 15 cities every day. In a way, my voice is heard by the people living in 15 different cities.

How is the current scenario in Jaipur comparing with other cities?

The Radio culture in India mainly focuses on infotainment whereas the western culture is more into news updates and music. People in Jaipur are not so much into radio as compared to Mumbai and Delhi as the target market is much more wide and evolved. Radio these days is not limited to the studio and MIC, it has really evolved. I am a travel Jockey too and I know I can explore more while traveling. Recently I went to Kashmir and the whole show went on air from there.

How will you differentiate radio from other forms of media?

Many people tune into radio every time when they leave for office as it helps them to know about the traffic and the on-the-spot information they get from radio really saves their time. Another advantage is that you just have to plug your earphones in to listen to the latest updates while doing your daily chores. Radio is a form which is able to be in the places where other forms of media struggle to be-- for example, you can listen while you drive, while on public transport or while going to sleep. Sure, you can read also while waiting for your transport, but you cannot read or watch anything while driving or sleeping.

What qualities are needed to be a good Radio Jockey?

For starters, you have to love Radio. People who are willing to do anything for the love of radio. There has always been a misconception about the process-- that you have to talk a lot in order to make it to this industry. It is not like that. You don't have to very talkative but you have to be very quick and witty. If we talk about qualifications then you have to be a graduate and you have to be very spontaneous. Keep listening to the good things because 'acha sunoge toh acha bologe'. Apart from this, be well informed about everything and the most important is, you have to be a quick thinker. Radio is evolving every day and it is not just an entertainment, it is also social.


First published: 13 February 2018, 20:39 IST