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Happy Diwali 2022: Burnt your hand while bursting firecrackers? Follow these instructions

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 24 October 2022, 14:56 IST

During the Diwali festival, people, especially kids, enjoy setting off firecrackers, but occasionally this can be risky as well. Some children try to throw firecrackers in the air which can be very risky. There is a probability that firecrackers can burst on the hands.

A year ago, Vipin Singh (16), was bursting non-branded firecrackers during Diwali when one of the firecrackers blasted his hand and damaged two of his fingers. The injury took two months to recover.

Bursting of crackers requires caution as many times the firecrackers are not branded or contain materials that, when ignited, can result in serious injuries.

Therefore, it is always advised that children should burst firecrackers in the presence of their parents or any elderly person. However, the chances of mishaps remain high.

In case of any mishap, one should never ignore burn injuries sustained from the burning of firecrackers and get them treated immediately.

Here are some safety protocols people must follow while bursting crackers:

  • Children should burst the firecrackers only under the supervision of their parents or any elder person
  • Always burst firecrackers outside the home
  • Place a bucket of water nearby where fireworks are being burst
  • Never light firecrackers directly with a matchstick; instead use an incense stick or a candle
  • It is recommended to have fire-fighting equipment at home
  • Always wear cotton clothes while bursting firecrackers as cotton does not catch fire easily
  • Always avoid wearing synthetic clothes as the chances of such clothes catching fire are very high

If your clothes catch fire while bursting firecrackers, remember – Stop, Drop and Roll

  • Stop: Don’t run or panic
  • Drop: Drop on the ground
  • Roll: Roll on the ground, this will extinguish the fire

In case of burn injury while bursting firecrackers

  • Never use ice in the affected area as it leads to a blood clot and affects blood circulation
  • If there are blisters, do not pull the skin as it increases the risk of infection in the burnt area
  • Never use cotton to clean the affected area as it can get stuck and increase irritation
  • In case of severe burns injury, the victim should be given ORS solution instead of water
  • In case of severe burns, if the clothes get stuck to the skin, never try to remove the cloth and immediately take the victim to the hospital.

Home Remedies

  • Coconut Oil: Apply coconut oil on the burnt area it will help in reducing excessive irritation. NOTE – don’t apply coconut oil in case of severe burn injuries.
  • Basil Leaves Juice: Apply basil leaves paste on the burnt area it helps cool the skin. Applying basil leaf juice daily on the burnt area can blur the burn mark.
  • Potato/Carrot Juice: Potato and carrot juice are also very beneficial in reducing the burning sensation. The juice also helps in removing the burn mark.
First published: 24 October 2022, 14:56 IST