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Earning lakhs from mustard farming: A success story of Rajasthan woman farmer

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 November 2022, 18:11 IST
woman farmer earning lakhs

Nowadays, when farming is considered a loss-making business due to skyrocketing prices of agricultural inputs, a woman from Bhilwara District is making money by adopting advanced methods and improved seeds in her farming, while dealing with water shortages and irrigation issues. 

New Way Of Mustard Farming

Sheela Jat, a resident of Motipura village, used to do farming in traditional ways, which of course didn’t churn much profit for her. With the idea of growing more crops in less fields, she chose to cultivate mustard instead of wheat due to the worsening water crisis in the region. Jat used cutting-edge techniques and modified seeds, which worked for her and brought her money. Last year, Sheela earned Rs 4 lakh from the mustard crop in 9 bighas. She has sown mustard crop in 50 bighas in the hopes of making a good profit this year.

The Bhilwara district's Asind region is thought to receive the least amount of rainfall, necessitating at least five to six irrigations for planting a wheat crop. Considering this, progressive farmer Sheela Jat, a high school pass, cultivated good quality mustard seeds in less water, which she got success.

The Target Of Earning Rs 25-30 Lakh

Sheela, a Panchayat Samiti member, understood the complete system of farming with less water from agricultural scientists and this year she sets a target of cultivating mustard in 50 bighas, earning 25-30 lakhs from it.

According to Sheela Jat, farmers need to learn the latest technology and use good seeds to get make their farming profitable.

To make profit, farmers need to employ quality seeds and the latest technologies, said Sheela Jat.

Sheela Jat has become an inspiration for farmers, especially women farmers in her area.

First published: 28 November 2022, 18:11 IST