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Spectacular lightning display of Malaysia's night sky goes viral

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 April 2022, 7:07 IST
Lightning strikes during thunderstorm in Malaysia (Twitter)

Kuala Lumpur : A photo of lightning seemingly striking Twin Tower in Malaysia has gone viral on social media this weekend. The lightning during the thunderstorm was caught in a photo which is going viral on the micro-blogging site Twitter. A spectacular lightning display illuminated the night sky during a thunderstorm. The photo left netizens in splits and many were wondering if this is real or photo-shopped.

One Twitter user said, "Is this real or has it been doctored?" "It's a photography technique and it's real... You can do this also using phone... This is called long exposure which let light enter the camera in a span of time... So the result is as the photo," said another user. Another user compared the photo with one of the clips of Stranger Things, an American science fiction horror drama television series, saying, "Getting Stranger Things vibe".

While other users were flattered with the image and said "Wowwww", "Beautiful!", "Amazing shot!".

Another user wrote Malaysia is one of the "scariest thunder places", adding that it's always huge as if it's the last day of the planet. "This is true i guess because i've seen this too," said another user. According to Malaysia traveller, lightning strikes in Malaysia are "very common". It occurs due to its tropical climate and location. The thunderstorms in the country are very frequent. Meanwhile, Malaysia has one of the highest numbers of lightning strikes in the world causing 132 deaths over a ten year period up to August 2019.


First published: 30 April 2022, 7:07 IST