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Pakistan-Based Drug Smugglers Threaten Ganganhar Project Chairman

Catch Team | Updated on: 21 June 2024, 20:13 IST

Ganganagar (Rajasthan): The Chairman of the Ganganhar Project has received threatening calls from Pakistan's Lahore and Kasur, which are linked to the heroin that went missing on the same day as the water theft was caught, worth three crore rupees according to the smuggler. Intelligence agencies have launched an investigation after an audio clip of the WhatsApp call went viral on social media.

The water theft incident took place on the night of May 28. That evening, Ganganhar Project Chairman Harvinder Singh Gill, along with farmers, officials of the Water Resources Department, and police, conducted a raid from Shivpura Head to Khakhra Head and caught water theft at several places using pipes. The Water Resources Department later registered a case against four people at the Hindumalkot police station.

After the case was registered with the police, the Ganganhar Project Chairman and officials of the Gramin Kisan Mazdoor Committee started receiving threatening calls from those involved in water theft. When those calls stopped, threatening calls from Pakistan started coming in. Sajid, a person from Lahore, made a WhatsApp call to the Ganganhar Project Chairman from a UK number, threatening to take action if the "amanat" (something valuable) was not returned. He did not reveal what the "amanat" was, but claimed to have information about the Chairman's home location and his child's school schedule.

Drug Smuggler Gets Feedback

The Ganganhar Project Chairman received another call from a drug smuggler named Chita from Kasur. The smuggler's conversation suggested that someone was keeping an eye on their activities on the night of the water theft. The smuggler mentioned the name of a young man who was part of the team that caught the water theft and even provided the number of his vehicle, suspecting that he was involved in lifting goods. When the Chairman denied any involvement, the smuggler asked him to review CCTV footage from a medical store near Punjab Pul. The conversation suggested that people involved in heroin smuggling were present that night and had even made videos of the water theft and photographed the vehicles involved.

Lure of Profit in Exchange for "Amanat

Although the smuggler from Kasur did not directly threaten the Chairman, he repeatedly said that if the "amanat" was returned, they would not cause any harm. He kept saying that if a mistake had been made, it was not a big deal, and they would return the "amanat" in exchange for a favour.

First published: 21 June 2024, 20:13 IST