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Donald Trump considering Elon Musk for White House advisory role if he wins: Report

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 May 2024, 11:28 IST
Former US President Donald Trump and Elon Musk (File )

Washington, DC [US]: The former President of the United States, Donald Trump is considering appointing Tesla CEO Elon Musk for the role of an advisor to him in the White House, as the 2024 Presidential elections draw close, New York Post reported on Thursday, citing The Wall Street Journal.

Although Trump has not finalised the specifics, the two have been in discussions over how Musk may provide "formal input" on matters like the border, the economy, and stopping voting fraud. The third-richest man in the world, Musk, and Trump have just begun to warm up to one another. Citing the WSJ report, the New York Post reported that the two speak on the phone "several times a month."

Musk and billionaire investor Nelson Peltz have also discussed with Trump the campaign Musk started in November to persuade corporate executives not to back President Biden, the report stated.

The creator of Space X and the owner of the social media platform X, has publicly opposed Biden and previously stated he would not provide money to any candidate. However, the millionaire, who was born in South Africa, has presented himself as mainly autonomous. In 2002, Musk obtained US citizenship. 

Musk met with former president at Mar-a-Lago following Trump's triumphs on Super Tuesday, which solidified his status as the presumed Republican nominee, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. In a cryptic post in March on the US Presidential elections, Musk had said that he has no plans to donate money to either candidate for US President.

In a post on X, the multibillionaire wrote, "Just to be super clear, I am not donating money to either candidate for US President."

In the past, Musk has contributed to both Republicans and Democrats, much like many other business titans. He has not heavily invested in a presidential campaign, in contrast to other American billionaires, and over the years, he has divided his contributions roughly equally between Republicans and Democrats, according to the New York Times.

Trump and Biden will be facing off in the presidential elections scheduled for November this year. While Biden is facing the challenge some of domestic issues and his foreign policy -- particularly the conflict in Ukraine and Gaza; Trump is under the hassle of multiple criminal cases.


First published: 30 May 2024, 11:28 IST