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Naveen Patnaik launches initiative to make Odisha 'slum-free' in next 3 years

News Agencies | Updated on: 29 September 2020, 8:36 IST

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday has launched a slum up-gradation and de-listing initiative under the JAGA Mission to make Odisha "slum-free" state in next three years.

He stated that all the slums will be converted in model colonies in the next three years. Patnaik said that the process of development will start immediately in 1,000 slums and then scaled up to cover each and every slum in the state.

"This slum up-gradation and de-listing initiative aim to improve the living conditions of 18 lakh slum dwellers by providing them with piped water supply, paved roads, stormwater drains, street lights, sanitation, household electricity, community spaces and recreational areas. But more importantly, it encourages the participation of the slum dwellers themselves in the up-gradation process," the Chief Minister said.

"When faced with the daunting and global challenge of urban poverty we made a similar choice - we could either continue treating slum dwellers as encroachers, evict them and push them deeper into an unending cycle of poverty and deprivation; OR we could recognise the immense contributions they make to the social and economic life of our cities, empower them with land rights, improve their living conditions and break forever the cycle of indignity and deprivation," he said.

Patnaik has commenced the distribution of land entitlement certificates to 1,05,000 families living in 1,718 slums in 101 towns benefitting 4.5 lakh population along with this.

He has also dedicated the 116 "PARICHAY" - the multi-purpose community centres in the slums and the upcoming more than 400 such facilities which would act as the social lifeline of the slum communities.


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First published: 29 September 2020, 8:36 IST