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Gauri Lankesh's murder celebrated by right wing trolls on social media

Catch Team | Updated on: 6 September 2017, 15:12 IST

Last night's shocking murder of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh in an upscale Bengaluru locality sent shockwaves throughout the country. Shot in cold blood at the gates of her residence, possibly by as many as three assailants, many saw Lankesh's murder as the result of her willingness to take on the establishment.

While murder is something one would imagine is universally condemnable, India's polarised atmosphere actually saw many on social media revelling in this gruesome killing. Galling as it might be, this should come as no surprise given the take-no-prisoners attitude that prevails on social media when it comes to politics in the country.

While many of those celebrating Lankesh's death were fringe elements with barely any followers and, therefore, no real voice, others were popular news anchors, and some of these handles were even followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Here's a quick overview of the disgusting vitriol that Lankesh's murder has elicited:

1) Former Zee News journalist Jagrati Shukla, previously in the news for bigoted statements on Sikhs and Muslims, was at it again:



2) A businessman, followed by no less than the Prime Minister himself, called Lankesh a 'bitch':

3) One of the most vicious attacks came from a well known troll. Here, he advocates not just the killing of Lankesh, but calls for violence against many others:

4) As always, the ideological divide was enough for many to put their political feelings ahead of their humanity:

5) Lankesh's closeness to the Left, and her work with 'commies' also drew flak.


6) While her opposition to Hindutva was also used to justify her killing.

7) And while all of these tweets were reprehensible, the most idiotic take on the matter, unsurprisingly, belonged to Gayatri Jayaraman of 'Urban Poor' fame:

First published: 6 September 2017, 12:27 IST