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Every Life Matters: Salute to disaster relief teams, fighting death for humanity sake is a norm here

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 31 July 2021, 10:16 IST
Himachal Pradesh Rescue (ANI)

Come monsoon and landslides and floods become a regular affair in some parts of India. We think this is normal, at least routine. Right? But some warriors fight tirelessly, put their life in the line of fire ( in these cases - in the line of water flow, immense water flow indeed), all this to save lives in need of immediate help. These relief workers take an immense risk to save even one sick person, injured or stranded life, be it human or animal. Because for them every life counts. Welcome to the world of real-life heroes - NDRF, para-military forces, defence forces, and other disaster relief teams from the Centre and the states.

Before you start watching the video you need to pay attention to a few things to understand what is going on and what could have happened - one misstep and lives would have been lost. Yes, this is real life stunt, carried out in Himachal Pradesh.


Bridge washed away, injured need immediate medical attention

Local villagers and members of the disaster rescue team carried an injured person across a raging Jahalman nallah, as the bridge was washed away due to the swift current. The visuals are from Tindi area of Lahaul Spiti. The injured person was taken to Keylong.

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Bridge washed away, water current and the deafening noise could freeze anyone. Navigating on a makeshift plank, slowly dragging the victim to another end of the plank becomes a nightmare when one misstep could mean the end of life. The plank is wet, air pressure and the whole atmosphere is ready to push you off balance. But you have to focus, remain calm and save the injured.

In the end, they make it possible. And they do it all the time. Salute to their efforts to save lives.

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First published: 31 July 2021, 9:58 IST