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Delhi: Police constable, his associate abducts man, robs him off valuables at gunpoint

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 28 August 2020, 16:38 IST

A Uttar Pradesh Police constable was taken into custody along with his associate for allegedly abducting a man and robbing him off his valuables at gunpoint in the national capital, the Delhi Police said on Thursday.

Constable Shreekant, who is 30-year-old, is the alleged brain behind the crime while his associate, Raghu Khosla, was previously involved in more than 100 cases, police said.

Raghu Khosla generally picked out passengers in Rajdhani and Shatabadi expresses stealing things having value more than Rs 1 lakh in each journey, police said.

As maintained by police, the alleged abduction-and-robbing incident took place on 17th August, with a resident of Sonipat when he was waiting for someone in his car at Mukarba Chowk, Karnal by-pass.

Around 5:30 am, a man asked him to lower the window of his car and threat against him with a gun. Soon, two others came and kidnapped him in his car, the police said.

They robbed the man off his mobile phone, money, and ran away with his car, they said.

Police stated that upon surveillance and analysis of call record of the accused, they figured out that Shreekant was actively involved.

He was taken into custody and the robbed items was recovered from his possession, a senior police officer said.

Khosla, who hails from Ghaziabad, was also taken into custody by the police from his hideout near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, he said.

On the day of the incident, in accordance with the plan, Khosla, Sameer, Sooraj and Aman came in a swift car and robbed the complainant’s vehicle and drove it to Ghaziabad.

Their alleged gang leader Shreekant was continuously in contact with them, Police said.

The accused persons were not aware of the GPS tracker installed in the robbed car and on instructions of Shreekant, the vehicle was parked in a vacant land, said Gaurav Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer North).

He said a police team got to the location using the GPS system.

Noticing police presence, Shreekant wore his police uniform and took all the co-accused with him from Ghaziabad to East Delhi in a car to provide them a safe hideout.

Accused Shreekant’s picture was captured in a CCTV installed at the place where the robbed car was parked, he said.

During investigation, it was revealed by Shreekant that they had robbed the vehicle to kill one Pawan, who is Sameer’s rival. Shreekant was recruited in the UP police in 2011.

One of his associates, Aman, who has a criminal history, belongs to his village. Via Aman, Shreekant came to know other accused persons -- Sameer, Sooraj and Raghu -- and all five made a gang, police said.

While four of them used to execute the crime, Shreekant helped them technically, legally and provided them vehicles, police said.

The police have recovered the stolen car and the robbed mobile phone and efforts are underway to catch other accused

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First published: 28 August 2020, 16:37 IST