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Congress has no moral right to talk about corruption: Karnataka CM Bommai

News Agencies | Updated on: 24 September 2022, 10:52 IST
Bommai said that the ultimate truth will always triumph and the attitude of talking without any evidence will not last long.

Congress has scams at every step and it has no moral right to talk about corruption, said Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Friday. Talking to reporters at the conclusion of a ten-day joint session of the State Legislature here on Friday, he said, "BJP had released a book on the Corruption of the Congress Party and being corrupt they are doing an abhiyan on corruption."

Bommai said that the ultimate truth will always triumph and the attitude of talking without any evidence will not last long. A detailed reply has been given on the corruption charges levelled by the Contractors' Association. Congress think that saying one thing repeatedly will become truth but that time has gone. People know what's true. That Association wrote a letter one year ago. A piece of evidence must be given along with a small complaint," Bommai said.

Bommai said the former speaker of the State Legislative Assembly KR Ramesh Kumar and others have said that there were many scams and those leaders themselves have spoken about it.

"Two office-bearers had spoken about corruption in the party office and the same had been shown in news channels. But the Congress leaders haven't replied failed. Ramesh Kumar had openly said they were at the mercy of the Congress through which they have made assets which were sufficient for the next three generations. The Congress leaders are talking about it and this has been discussed within their party. But they say BJP is not ready for a debate. We are ready for a debate," he said.

The Chief Minister said they must bring out whatever information and evidences that they have during the debate and not hit and run.

"Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly Siddaramaiah must say who had given 40 per cent commission. We were ready to listen and for this reason, we sat in the House for the whole day. Seeing their behaviour today, gave a feeling that the Opposition parties should have taken up this subject much earlier but they took it in the end. It could have been taken up last week only. The Opposition leader has the power to raise any topic any day but there is no unanimity among them. They knew well that there was no stuff in it and no definite allegations," the Chief Minister said.

"Revenue Minister R Ashol has given a reply on this subject. I have replied to questions pertaining to the Bengaluru floods. To implement whatever discussed and replied in the House, meetings with the officials have been held to take necessary steps in this regard," he said."

Several issues were raised just for politics. The issues such as the PSI recruitment scam raised by opposition parties have boomeranged on them. They have discussed what all the steps taken by the government on these issues, apart from this they haven't done anything. The things that were not done by the previous government had been done by the incumbent government. When CID filed an FIR against DIG Sridharan in connection with the alleged police constables recruitment scandal and sought permission to probe, the then Government did not give permission. If the guilty persons were punished, then even these people would have been punished but it was not done. Now that cop has retired but has taken bail and filed a case in court. "

Now I have given permission to take legal action. This was their style of functioning. Several persons have been arrested in connection with teachers' recruitment scandal".

Asked about Siddaramaiah's demand for all scams starting from 2006 till date, Bommai said these were the superficial talks of Congress leader who failed to take action on orders of the commission.

On the Cabinet expansion, he said this has been brought to the notice of high command and they have promised to do it at the earliest." We were waiting for the session to end. If I am called to Delhi for discussion, the process will start soon. The cabinet expansion will be done in the next few days after getting the nod from the high command," he added.

First published: 24 September 2022, 10:52 IST