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Centre has sent cough syrup samples to Central Drug Laboratory for probe after deaths in Gambia: Anil Vij

News Agencies | Updated on: 6 October 2022, 19:03 IST
Cough syrup samples sent for testing

Regarding the 66 deaths in Gambia allegedly due to the intake of cough syrup manufactured by Maiden Pharmaceutical Limited in Sonipat, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij told ANI that the Centre has sent samples to the Central Drug Laboratory, Kolkata, and if any irregularities are found, it will take strict action.

"The Central Government officials are gathering the complete information. The samples will be sent to the Central Drug Lab in Kolkata. After the reports come, stern action will be taken if anything wrong is found," Vij said.

"I have talked with the Drug Controller to investigate the matter. The Health Secretary and Pharmaceuticals Secretary of the Central Government has also talked with the State Secretary of the state. It has been decided that before taking any action, the samples will be tested," Vij further said.

The Haryana Minister also attacked the Congress after Sonia Gandhi joined the yatra along with son Rahul. He termed the Bharat Jodo Abhiyan as "Bharat Todo Abhiyan"

"First of all, this is not Bharat Jodo Yatra but Bharat Todo Yatra. The mother and son want to break this country. But let me tell you, this is not the one Congress partitioned leading to killings and the exodus of lakhs of people. This is not India where Congress massacred the Sikhs. This is the New India and no one can break it. The BJP leader further attacked Congress over the resignation of Former leader Anil Dhantodri and

"Congress is breaking down every day. If you look at the Congress leaders, you will find them singing, Iss dil ke tukde hazaar hue koi yahaan gira koi wahaan gira."On being asked about the controversy about the upcoming movie Adipurush, the BJP leader said that no one has any right to disrespect any religion.

"I haven't seen the film, but disrespecting any religion using any medium is just not acceptable. You follow and celebrate your religion, but if you disrespect other religions, then the public won't accept it," he said.

On being asked about the upcoming Hisar by-elections, the BJP leader said that "We have ourselves vacated the seat to fight again. We will win this election.

"Earlier, 66 children died on Wednesday allegedly after drinking the Cough Syrup manufactured by Maiden Pharmaceutical Limited in Sonipat. WHO on Wednesday issued an alert over four India-made cough and cold syrups which Maiden Pharmaceuticals in India made. WHO has also notified that the same cough and cold syrups could be linked to the deaths of 66 children in The Gambia.

As per sources, from the preliminary enquiry, it has been made out that Maiden Pharmaceutical Limited, Sonipat, Haryana is a manufacturer licensed by the State Drug Controller for the products under reference, and holds manufacturing permission for these products. The company has manufactured and exported these products only to the Gambia so far.

First published: 6 October 2022, 19:03 IST