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Try this hair treatment during summer and rainy season

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 April 2018, 10:56 IST

During summer, we all wait for the rainy season so that it can wipe it all the scorching heat of the sun. It brings relief as well as risks of hair fall and skin infection.

Sometimes with the increased humidity, the scalp and hair get more oily or sticky along with the pollutants which makes the hair dirtier Due to which it results into hair fall, itching dryness of hair and other hair related problems.

So, if you're reading this then don't worry because we have some tips for you to prevent such situation. Try and follow these simple effective hair care tips methods and then see the difference.


Make sure you don't wet your hair every time in the rain is not really good for your hair. Reason being, the rainwater usually contains acidic substances as the increased level of humidity in monsoon hyper your hair woes. So, before you leave the house, dry and protect your hair from getting damaged.


Even if you're taking hair bath every day then it's fine but doesn't shampoo your hair more often. Use shampoo twice in a week or thrice if it is required to maintain a healthy scalp specially after when you wet in the rain, because the rainwater left on your scalp for a long time makes you feel itchy, or may cause fungal infections, and may even cause dandruff.


Massage is very important for you hair specially for the scalp. It is like a treatment and helps in hair growth. Take some time off from your busy schedule ask someone massage your hair with hair oil. Prefer coconut hair oil for a natural treatment. If there is no one to massage your hair then do it yourself as it is not a big deal and massage until the scalp absorbs some oil.

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Remember the time when these shampoos and hair styling products were not even introduced in the market, and our dadi and nani's had the best hair because they tried the natural treatment. Hair styling products are a waste of money. Avoid using it specially in monsoon weather because it can damage your hair.

The Hair Mask Treatment

Aloe Vera mask – It is essential and contains medicinal properties which will cure any infection on your scalp, removes itchiness and dryness and makes your hair soft and shiny.

Oil mask – Various types of oils like olive oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E are very good for the hair treatment. It will nourish your hair roots, scalp and the shaft which makes them strong and gives soft and silky texture.

Some other useful tips:

Drink plenty of water.

Eat healthy food and avoid fast food. Add nutrient-rich food to your diet, especially proteins.

Try not to share your comb with anyone.

Massage your scalp with hot oil at least once a week.

Avoid going outside during rain and wind storm.

Don’t take stress as it increases hair fall.

Keep your hair short if you're unable to manage it.

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First published: 12 April 2018, 10:56 IST