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Can Caripill tablets really cure Dengue?

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 October 2018, 17:51 IST
Dengue fever

Caripill Tablet is the unique formulation that contains the papaya leaf extract. The active ingredient in this vital tablet is Carica papaya. The Carica papaya leaf extract in Caripill helps in increasing or improving the platelet count in our body.

It is a botanical medication that is specially manufactured by Micro Labs. Micro Labs is a well-known pharmaceuticals company situated in Bangalore.

One Tablet of Caripill consists 1100 mg of Carica papaya leaf extract. Whereas, the syrup form consists of 275 mg per 5 ml Carica papaya leaf extract.

Caripill has successfully passed medical tests and is considered to be one of the important medicines. It has excellent medicinal properties to treat people with low platelet count that usually happens when they are suffering from dengue. It is recognized as vital medication for dengue in India and also around the globe.

The Caripill Tablet is used to treat various serious medical conditions such as Dengue fever, Thrombocytopenia, Oxidative stress, wound healing and many more.

A number of people today are aware about Caripill Tablets benefits in terms of dengue. But it is almost impossible to cure the dangerous effects of dengue within a short time of merely 48 hours (2 days).

Usually, it takes a minimum of 10 to 12 days to cure a person completely from Dengue fever. The treatment lasts if the patient is suffering from Dengue shock syndrome (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or DHF)

For patients suffering from dengue fever, the Caripill helps to restore (improve) the platelet count in the blood. However, an antipyretic must also be given along with Caripill to bring down or control the symptoms of dengue fever. One of the symptoms of Dengue is stomach pain which can be treated by Meftal spas tablet.

When taking Caripill, one must keep a check on the platelet count in the blood when suffering from dengue fever as well as Chikungunya.

Caripill must be used with extra care and caution if the patient is suffering from any sort of bleeding disorders. Care also needs to be taken if the patient is consuming blood thinners such as aspirin along with Caripill.

Caripill can be easily obtained from any chemist or medical druggist without prescription as it is an over the counter (OTC) product. However, it is advisable to use it only after proper prescription from a qualified doctor. It is important to understand the dosage, duration as well as timing of the tablets consumption by consulting a qualified doctor to avoid negative consequences.

Dosage, Duration and Timing of Caripill

Caripill should be strictly consumed only after proper consultation with a medical practitioner and in the quantity advised by the doctor. It should be consumed with your meal or just after the meal is complete with a glass of water.

Do not take it on empty stomach, or it may cause a burning sensation in your stomach. Consumption of Caripill is very simple, just swallow it at once. Do not try to chew or bite it.
For adults, a dosage of 1 tablet with strength of 1100 mg is recommended to be taken twice or thrice a day.

In case of children, the dosage differs as per the age and immune system of the child
- For a child between 1 to 5 years of age can consume 275mg (5ml) of Caripill thrice a day
- For a child between 6 to 17 years of age can consume 550mg (10ml) thrice a day times

For effective results the medication should be continued consistently for at least 5 days. However, the dosage differs according to the doctor and sometimes dosage begins with merely with one tablet per day.

Uses of Caripill tablet

As mentioned above, Caripill Tablet can be used to treat, control, prevent as well as improve a number of dangerous diseases, medical conditions and symptoms. However, since the tablet can cause certain side effects, make sure you don’t consume it without proper guidance from a qualified doctor or physician.

It can be used to cure fever associated with dengue, Thrombocytopenia (condition characterized by abnormally low levels of thrombocytes, also known as platelets, in the blood), Healing of wound, ulceration in the Stomach, Indigestion, Oxidative stress, bloating of abdomen and more.

Side Effects of Caripill tablet

Despite the fact that the Caripill tablet has many useful effects, it cannot be overlooked that this medicine also has the possibility of causing some harmful effects to its users. These harmful effects are subjective and may or may not be experienced by users.

The negative reactions of the tablet depend on the consumer’s age, gender, medical history, current medical status as well as immune system. Each body is made differently and thus reacts in a unique way to various medical chemicals and drugs.

Some of the most common side effects of Caripill include Nausea, severe or mild headache, stomach bloating, stomach pain, allergic reactions, constipation, dizziness (lack to maintain balance) rashes on the skin, itchy skin, swelling or inflammation of throat, lips, mouth and more.

If you see any of the above mentioned side effects or any other abnormal and sudden changes in your body, then seek medical help immediately. Consult a qualified doctor and inform him/her about this or else the conditions may take a drastic turn if not given due attention and care.

Also, t is not advisable to take the medicine for a longer period of time, as this may increase the risks of developing these side effects. Thus, strictly stick and obey to the prescription given by the doctor.

Precautions and Interactions of Caripill tablet

Though there may be ample of benefits that Caripill provides, it should not be taken carelessly and without proper guidance, recommendation, prescription and direction from a qualified medical practitioner.

Being an over the counter drug, Caripill capsules are available easily in the form of tablets and syrup. For achieving effective, fast and best results, it is imperative to take proper and regular dose of Ecosprin.

However, there are certain precautions that one needs to take. One must not take Caripill tablet if he/she is facing any sort of bleeding disorders or if/she is taking blood thinning medicines like aspirin or warfarin.

The co-administration of Carica Papaya Leaf extract along with oral hypoglycemic can cause an extremely low blood glucose level. As such, it is imperative that blood glucose levels should be carefully and precisely examined (monitored) on a regular basis to prevent hypoglycemia.

Caprill is also known to increase the bioavailability of Amiodarone (an antiarrhythmic medication used to treat and prevent a number of types of irregular heartbeats). Thus, the dosage of the drug must be regulated and modified in accordance when it is co- administered.

Additionally, it is not recommended to give it to a child under 10 years of age without proper guidance and medical supervision. A woman, who is looking forward to conceive in near future, must also not consume Caripill without consulting a qualified gynecologist as it may have some harmful effects, disturbing the internal processes.

Also, if you are facing any issues related to kidney or undergoing regular dialysis, then Caripill should be consumed only after consulting the doctor about its dosage, possible side effects, extra care that needs to be taken and so on.

Since it is a medicine that can affect your body and health drastically, it is recommended to always consult your doctor before using, pausing or stopping its consumption.

Key Points to Keep in Mind while Taking Caripill tablet

- While consuming Caripill tablet, it is advised to stay away from liquor and alcohol. As heavy consumption of alcohol may result in adverse effects on the liver and also contribute towards bleeding and risk of drowsiness (sleepiness)

- One should not take more than three tablets of Caripill tablet in a day. Also, it is important to keep proper gap between the consumption of each tablet.

- Though there are no restrictions or warnings of the usage of Caripill by expecting mothers (pregnant women), it can be used safely. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor before you start any the medication.

- Caripill Tablet should be stored at room temperature. It should be safely kept in place where it does not come in direct contact with heat, sunlight, moisture, infants as well as pets.

- In case of a lactating mother, it is safe for consumption. However, if you are already breastfeeding a child or soon going to be doing so, it is recommended that Caripill must be consumed only after proper advice and consultation from your doctor. Only a small dose of Caripill can be used, a high dosage is not recommended.

- It is not wise to use Caripill on the recommendation of friends or family members, just because they have used it or heard of it. Also, do not allow anyone to consume your dosage of the tablet, merely because you find similarities in the symptoms of the other person.

- Before you buy the tablet, duly check the expiry date on the pack and also cross-check it with the pharmacist.

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