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The Sweetest Toll Tax Ever

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 2 September 2023, 15:29 IST
Elephant Funny Video

In a wild twist, two elephants played traffic cops in the jungle, stopping a sugarcane-loaded truck. Their price for passage? Sacks of sugarcane!

As the truck rumbled through the lush greenery, it hit an unexpected snag - two elephants. No coins, just a sweet tooth.

The truck's helper threw a couple of sugarcane sacks on the road. The elephants happily accepted the sugary toll.


With nimble trunks, they stacked the sugarcane sacks, making way for the relieved truck driver. He drove away, leaving a curious crowd of jungle critters behind.

In this jungle, toll collection has a twist - it's not coins but cane. So, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, keep sugarcane handy. You never know when you'll encounter these 'Toll-ephants' and their sweet demands!

First published: 2 September 2023, 15:29 IST