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10 totally random Game of Thrones conversations we've all had

Durga M Sengupta | Updated on: 15 July 2017, 21:40 IST

Winter has come.

While every Game of Thrones season is anticipated more than the last, Season 7 is 100% unknown territory for both book and TV series fans. Besides, going by the way Cersei ended Season 6, absolutely nothing is off the table.

Fan curiosity is peaking, what with the world of White Walkers finally colliding with the seven kingdoms and beyond. And every family dinnertime or office lunchtime conversation is turning into a GoT discussion forum. Not that we're complaining.

But while speculation on Tyrion being yet another Targaryen, and all Bran Starks through history being the same dude continue, there are some conversations that aren't always a guessing game.

Like we're sure you've all talked about some of these little details.

1. Please don't let ____ die

GoT fans are constantly worried about liking a character too much. Because soon enough, they all die.

First there was Ned Stark. Super nice Uncle Ned. He had his head lopped off.

Then there was Oberyn. The hot Dornish man who always said the right things. It's best we don't discuss his head.

And quite recently, there was Hodor. Every time someone says 'Hold the door', a GoT fan shudders.

Now, Season 7 is no longer about stupid kings fighting each other. The whole point is to survive White Walkers, and the chances of most characters we love dying is excruciatingly high.

But hey, you aren't a real Game of Thrones fan if you don't expect a death every minute.

2. Um, what if the White Walkers win?

The extreme of expecting too much death is expecting practically every character to die, or, worse still, become an undead Wight.

While a White Walker win would be a not-very-traditional end to this saga, it seems curiously likely thanks to the general morbid nature of the wonderful mind behind this series. (More on him later.)

Also, another theory gives this argument some wight (See what we did there?). If Game of Thrones were quite simply a complicated analogy for climate change, with kingdoms as countries and White Walkers as global warming, then the coming winter is sure to kill the human race. (And with it, all our favourite characters.)

3. Why are we shipping Jon and Dany?

Okay, so Jon Snow is probably Jaeherys Targaryen or something to that effect, right? And Daenerys is his father Rhaegar's little sis, which makes her his aunt.

Since the “dragon has three heads” or riders, as it has been interpreted, it makes sense to suggest Jon is one. Besides, the Targaryens would probably celebrate a union between aunt and nephew.

Great, awesome. But why are we assuming that Jon and Dany would like each other? If anything, Dany's claim to the throne can be challenged by our blue-eyed boy who seems to land himself in everyone else's business quite effectively.

It's actually rather unfair, given that she spent six seasons trying to get back to win back her throne, figuring out dragon fodder, dealing with alien tongues and rapey horsemen. Dragonglass-ceilings, I tell you...

4. What is it with Sansa?

There's no character in GoT more polarising than Sansa Stark.

Many, quite simply, hate her for being alive. Others, not so hateful, don't understand how she could still be siding with Littlefinger, especially with brother Jon on her side.

The Sansa fan-base argument, of course, is that she has probably undergone the most amount of character development. That her naivete is just a core trait that doesn't leave her side.

Even then, she appears to have a delicious grey streak, and love it or hate it, it kind of makes her significant.

5. Why talk Sansa when there's Arya?

Arya Stark is back, and how. Her last outing with the Freys was a classic Tim Burton pie with a dollop of George RR Martin's sweet timing.

She's super close to Winterfell, and she's returning home as a trained assassin. The only thing that could make this cooler is a reunion with her long-lost direwolf Nymeria.

Arya's new-found killing skills make her the most formidable Stark, if not one of the most formidable characters in general. Besides, discounting Jon, there are barely any Starks left.

6. Ooh... Jaime vs Cersei!

The last episode of Season 6 saw Cersei losing everyone she loved and didn't love, and other people she knew and didn't know... and basically most people around.

While her brother beloved Jaime is still around, he didn't look too happy with her when she took the Iron Throne. Jaime is a loyalist and he does care for the realm.

As a generally good person – barring the TV series rape scene that was SO UNNECESSARY – it's probably time for Jaime Lannister to give up on his sister. And given Cersei's prophecy, maybe even strangle her to death?

7. Lyanna Mormont is magic

Those who love Lyanna Mormont, say AYE!

Probably one of the youngest characters currently on the series, this bear girl has stunned all with her super stoic demeanor. Again, this wouldn't be the first time the series has killed a little girl, so we don't know if she'll make it.

Having said that, every conversation about Lyanna starts with ‘OMG! She's amazing’, and ends with ‘OMG! I hope she takes the north.’ Or something to that effect.

8. Varys travels waaaay too fast

It's true, Varys is probably creepily watching me type as I finish this sentence. He's capable of being just about anywhere.

And that's a bit perturbing for a show about a medieval world where they basically travelled by ships, and dragons in the near future. But so far, ships.

Some say Varys is a mermaid, others suggest he knows magic. Whatever the big reveal might be, it's still a bit eerie.

9. Dany should just ditch men

Seriously, that little flirtation between Dany and Yara Greyjoy had more chemistry than all her relationships with various men put together.

The mother of dragons should totally skip this Jon Snow angle and be a queen with her own queen on the Iron Throne. How cool would that be?

10. Down with George RR Martin

GRRM is like that evil friend who introduced us to a drug habit and now he's gone AWOL.

Not only is there no sign of his books progressing, the chances of GoT TV series finishing its eight season before his book Winds of Winter comes out seem rather high.

Never before has an author stuck his metaphorical tongue out at readers so effectively. In fact, we wouldn't put it past him to just give up on the project midway, just because he felt like it one morning.

We can only hope that his coffee on that particular morning sucks.



First published: 15 July 2017, 21:40 IST
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