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Perfect Match Festival: Turning offensive graffiti into amazing art

Back for its third year, the contemporary street art that was on display at the Perfect Match Festival in Sydney will blow your mind. What\'s more, the festival, organised by Sydney\'s Inner West Council, actually started as an attempt to reclaim public spaces tarnished by illegal, and often offensive, graffiti.

It\'s a novel solution to the problem and it has been wildly successful. While originally meant to combat illegal graffiti and antisocial elements, the festival has since grown exponentially both in popularity and scope. Now, the whole community discuss ideas and problem areas with artists to better harness the festival\'s power.

The end result of the this is the transformation of walls into works of art that are enjoyed by the community, while simultaneously tackling the graffiti problem.

Returning this year were artists Sid Tapia, Peque, Mulga The Artist, and Jumboist, who transformed the face of Newtown\'s Asylum Seekers Centre last year.

The festival took place from 5th to 7th of August. Here are some of the best images.

(Text and photo curation by Priyata Brajabasi)

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