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Maha Shivratri Shubh Muhurat 2022: Know puja vidhi and puja samagri for Rudrabhishek

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 25 February 2022, 15:46 IST
Maha Shivratri 2022

Maha Shivratri 2022: One of the most important Hindu religious festivals, Maha Shivratri will be celebrated on March 1, 2022. The festival is celebrated every year on the Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Phalguna.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati got married on this day.
To seek the blessings of God and Goddess, devotees observe fast on this day. While many devotees perform Rudrabhishek.

As per Hindu beliefs, by performing Rudrabhishek rituals, one can ward off the evils and negativity from one’s life. It is one of the sacred rituals to appease Shiva, also known as Rudra.

The word Rudra is mentioned in the Vedas and it is believed to be the scary, aggressive and destructive nature of Lord Shiva.

On Mahashivratri, Rudra Abhishek is one of the important rituals to perform that should be performed by his devotees with purity.

What is Rudrabhishek?

It is a holy bath of the Shivling which is done by offering a sacred mixture of liquids like milk, gangajal, yogurt, and sandalwood paste, Beipatra, or Bawa Patra (Wood Apple tree leaves Aromatic Oils, Flowers (Datura, Akand/Ruljete).

Devotees should chant mantra or hymns while performing the Lord Shiva puja because the vibrations created during this time is filled with positive energy.

Don’t use these things during Rudrabhishek:

Haldi, Kumkum, Tulsi leaves, Coconut water, and Kewda/Champa (white flowers).

Puja Samagri for Rudhraabhishek Puja

  • Shiva Linga
  • A piece of fresh cloth for covering the chowki
  • Bel Patra, Kaneri flowers, Dhatura, White flower, and Rose
  • Kalava
  • Panch Patra
  • Water
  • Gangajal
  • Paan, Supari, Laung and Elaichi
  • Dhoop/Agarbatti, Dia
  • Durva, Camphor for aarti
  • Bhasma or Vibhuti
  • Chandan, Akshat
  • Janeu
  • Pure Ghee
  • Raw milk
  • Fruits
  • Naiveidhya
  • Panchamrit
  • Coconut with husk
  • Shringi

Maha Shivratri 2022: Rudhraabhishek Puja Vidhi

  • Cover the wooden chowki with a piece of white cloth and place the Lord Shiva idol on a silver plate or copper/brass plate. Make sure the pointed end of the Linga faces north.
  • Light the ghee Diya and place it in front to the right of the Lingaa
  • Keep all the puja samagri on a plate
  • Sit on the asana facing East.
  • Do Achamanya (pour some water with an udrani on the right palm and drink it) while chanting OM Keshavaya Namah, Om Narayanaya Namah, OM Madhavaya Namah, and Om Hrishikeshaya Namah.
  • Before beginning the puja, seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha, Lord Indra, and your Kul Devta.
  • Offer Bel Patra while chanting OM Namah Shivaya
  • Offer a flower and akshat to the lamp.
  • Begin the rituals by offering some Akshat, water while chanting 'OM Namah Shivaya'.
  • Offer panchamrit to the Lord Shiva
  • Again offer water and akshat followed by the Abhishek with Chandan water.
  • Once again offer water and Akshat.
  • Offer flowers and then use the shringi to offer raw milk. Subsequently, offer Gangajal/water.
  • Clean the Shiva Linga and put the diety on the plate kept on the Chowki.
  • Don’t forget to keep Bel Patra before placing the Shiva Linga.
  • Now, gently wipe the Shiva Linga with some cotton or an unused piece of fabric.
  • Offer Vastra, Janeu.
  • Apply Chandan with your right finger ring and then offer Akshat.
  • Offer Bhasma, Bel Patra, Durva, flowers.
  • Offer the dhoop, followed by Deepam.
  • Then cleanse your hand and then offer the Panchamrit, coconut, fruits, paan, supari, laung and elaichi, dakshina, as Naivedhya while sprinkling some water.
  • During the rituals, keep chanting Om Namah Shivaya
  • Chant the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra.
  • Do the aarti with camphor.
  • Do Pradakshina (stand up on your feet and turn around from the right side).
  • Conclude the puja with Pushpanjali - Do Namaskar after offering flowers.

Maha Shivratri 2022: Time

The Chaturdashi tithi will begin at 3:16 AM on March 1 and ends at 1:00 AM on March 2.

Maha Shivratri 2022: Shubh Muhurat

Maha Shivratri is performed during Nishtita Kaal or midnight. Shiv Puja can be performed in all four Prahars.

Check out shubh muhurat of all Prahars for Maha Shivratri:

  • First Prahar- 6:21 PM- 9:27 PM (March 1)
  • Second Prahar- 09:27 PM (March 1)- 12:33 AM (March 2)
  • Third Prahar- 12:33 AM (March 2)- 03:39 AM (March 2)
  • Fourth Prahar- 03:39 AM- 06:45 AM (March 2)

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First published: 25 February 2022, 15:46 IST