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Lunar Eclipse 2020: Libra should be cautious about health; know Chandra Grahan impact on your zodiac sign

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 June 2020, 12:03 IST

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, the world to witness the second Lunar eclipse on June 5, 2020. The eclipse will start at 11:16 pm and will end at 2:32 am on June 6. However, it’s penumbral or Upachaya Chandra Graham, which means sutak will not be applicable during the eclipse hours.

However, it will have an impact on Zodiac sign Scorpio and Jyestha Nakshatra. Also, it won’t bring any positive influence. There is a possibility of natural calamity, especially in the coastal region.

If you belives in astrology then we will be going to tell you the predictions about your zodiac sign.

Check out the impact of Chandra Grahan on your stars:

1. Aries – This zodiac sign people likely to face difficulties in their professional life. Also, your stomach will get upset this week. So, try to avoid unhealthy or oily food items.

2. Taurus – A new opportunity is waiting for you. This sign people will soon start their own business. Your best friend will be going to help you in your tough time.

3. Gemini – Be cautious while driving a vehicle. Also, avoid unnecessary arguments at your workplace. Worship Lord Hanuman this week.

4. Cancer – Lunar Eclipse will bring a change in your life. People having Pisces or Sagittarius zodiac signs will bring a fortune in your life. Don’t hurt your parents and listen to what they want you to do.

5. Leo – Your children will be going to achieve his or her target. Success will be at their doorsteps. Pray to God during the Lunar Eclipse on June 5 because it will also improve your immunity. However, people suffering from the disease can sleep early.

6. Virgo – If you are planning to change your job then it is the right time to do that. Just pray to your God and do what your heart feels.

7. Libra – This sign people should be cautious about their health. However, Virgos and Geminis will bring a huge change in your life.

8. Scorpio – An incomplete task will be going to complete. Since the Chandra Grahan is on this Rashi, then people should take care of their health. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Donate jaggery to the poor.

9. Sagittarius - You may incur expenses. Also, your mind will be disturbed about your job. Begin your day with your parents' blessings by touching their feet.

10. Capricorn – People of this sign who are in the media or IT sector will achieve what they were waiting for. A new job offer is also waiting for you. You will feel refresh and happy this week. But your health is a big concern for you.

11. Aquarius – Businessmen will face some challenges, so don’t start any new thing amid the COVID-19 outbreak. While private job workers will be going to switch their job. Don’t hurt your friends and family members because they will be going to extend support in your tough time.

12. Pisces – You need to pay special attention to your health. Try to spend your time doing meditation and Yoga.

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First published: 4 June 2020, 12:04 IST