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Unbelievable! 680 tonnes of gold discovered from this village's reservoir; here's what happens next

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 April 2019, 13:30 IST

We have came across several bizarre and shocking reports, but have you ever heard of tonnes of gold of hundreds of crore discovered from a tiny village. Recently, from a village’s reservoir of 680 tonnes of gold has been discovered. The village named Kazamarka has discovered gold more than the grand total reserved with Indian Indian government. India has total 608 tonnes of gold.

What surprise here is that the villagers are aware of this discovery and have refused to dig out the gold. The villagers have clearly stated its government that we want our future generations should get better health and environment and not gold and money. Therefore excavation of the gold is not acceptable to them. The gold discovered from the village estimate cost is worth around 35 billion dollars (about 2.43 lakh crore rupees).

Kazamarka village is located in the South American country of Colombia. When the government discovered the gold reserve buried in the village, it decided to give the responsibility of mining to the Anglo-Glod company. When the official of the company arrived to dig the gold, the villagers started protesting against it. According to the Colombian government, this gold discovery is believed to be the largest reserves of South America so far.

After the villagers opposed to letting official dig the reservoir, the government decided to make a referendum. villagers got united to save their natural wealth. The population of a village is 19 thousand, out of which only 79 people voted in favour of digging, while others stood and protested. As villagers did not allow them to dig up the gold, the government had to walk out of the reservoir.

Many countries keep gold as a reserve so that their economy could be strengthened at the time of economic crisis. According to reports, America has the largest gold reserves followed by Germany, Italy, France and China, it is gold, while India is at 10th position.

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First published: 22 April 2019, 13:28 IST