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Trump reacts on Twitter on 9th circuit Court verdict

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 June 2017, 17:33 IST

Reacting furiously on twitter to the San Francisco-based 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling against reinstating his revised executive order limiting travel from six-Muslim majority countries, President Donald Trump emphasized that the travel ban is essential at such a dangerous time in America and the world.

Trump tweeted "Well, as predicted, the 9th Circuit did it again - Ruled against the TRAVEL BAN at such a dangerous time in the history of our country. S.C."

The ruling from a unanimous three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is yet another stinging loss from a court that similarly refused to reinstate Trump's original executive order on travel in February.
The ruling said the president has violated U.S. immigration law by discriminating against people based on their nationalities and by failing to demonstrate that their entry into the country would hurt American interests.

"We conclude that the President, in issuing the Executive Order, exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress," the three judges, all appointed by President Bill Clinton, wrote. "(I) immigration, even for the President, is not a one-person show."

In January, Trump had issued his initial travel ban, bringing chaos and protests to airports around the country. A Seattle judge blocked its enforcement nationwide in response to a lawsuit by Washington state, decision that was unanimously upheld by a different three-judge 9th Circuit panel.

The president then revised his executive order and named six countries instead of seven Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, with Iraq dropped and cited more of a national security rationale.

"That's right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people!" Trump tweeted on June 5.

"In conclusion, the Order does not offer a sufficient justification to suspend the entry of more than 180 million people on the basis of nationality," wrote the panel.


First published: 13 June 2017, 17:33 IST