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#PorteOuverte: Love wins, as always. The world comes together for Paris

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 November 2015, 20:35 IST

The first human reaction to a terror strike is panic and fear of one's own life. But Parisians showed that even when faced with tragedy, mankind can individually and collectively retain its essential qualities of kindness and courage by throwing open its doors for strangers and helping the needy.

When late night terror attack rocked multiple places in the French capital, Parisians started a trend on social media networks - #PorteOuverte meaning open door. They began tweeting their personal addresses to anyone nearby who needed shelter, using the trending hashtag.

A separate Twitter handle @PorteOuverteFRA has been created to curate these addresses and numbers and also to tweet helpline numbers and updates.

@PorteOuverteFRA also tweeted that taxis were giving free rides to stranded Paris residents to drop them at hotels and shelters.

It's just not Parisians helping out fellow Parisians; people from other countries used have tweeted their offer to provide shelter to French citizens stranded in their country's airports, unable to travel back home under present scenario.

And this guy who made the rest of India proud.

This lady has pretty much summed how awesome social media is.

First published: 14 November 2015, 20:35 IST