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Indian-American Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal wins 2nd tier presidential debate: Analyst

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 3:34 IST

With his impressive performance, Indian-American Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal appeared to come out as joint winner of the second tier Republican presidential debate, multiple news outlets and political analysts have said.

Fox News flash polls declared Carly Fiorina and Jindal to be the winners of the GOP's undercard debate.

Meanwhile, Former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said that Jindal won the yesterday night debate.

"Cheers to @BobbyJindal, it's time for Republicans in Washington to fight!" she said adding, "Watching the #GOPDebate with millenials, their response is favorable towards @BobbyJindal whose responses have been strong and specific," she wrote on twitter.

According to the local Advertiser newspaper, Jindal delivered a solid, if less than spectacular, performance in debate.

"I'd probably place him right in the middle along with Rick Santorum," said political analyst Josh Stockley of the University of Louisiana at Monroe's.

"There are two goals in a debate get through it without making a major mistake and then try to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. I thought Gov. Jindal got through without making a mistake, but I'm not sure he distinguished himself from the other candidates on the stage," he was quoted as saying.

In a statement, Jindal's campaign manager Timmy Teepell declared victory.

"We saw plenty of smooth talking and famous names running for President, but only one candidate in the race has the backbone, the bandwidth and the experience to get the job done as President Governor Jindal," he said.

"President Obama's failure as President shows why we cannot trust a candidate who needs on-the-job-training no matter how well they speak. Governor Jindal is the most substantive of all the candidates in the field. He is a full spectrum conservative who will endorse, and not hide, his conservative principles," Teepell said.


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