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EU sanctions on Maldives may turn people 'against the administration'

News Agencies | Updated on: 22 July 2018, 13:11 IST

The European Union's (EU) plan to impose sanctions ranging from travel bans to asset freezes in the Maldives may turn people against the administration as they might feel that the sanctions are too hefty a price to pay.

Last week, the European Union announced plans to impose sanctions ranging from travel bans to asset freezes against those responsible for human rights violations and undermining the rule of law in Maldives.

In an opinion piece, Maldives Independent newspaper has analysed the European Union's decision and stated: "The sanctions don't ban people from going on holiday to the Maldives, besides we've seen tourism miraculously flourish in a very turbulent 2018. But there could be other consequences.

Those people, organisations and institutions in the Annex of Shame might decide sanctions aren't a price worth paying and turn against the administration."

The newspaper pointed out that the Maldives has Europe's "56 percent regional share of tourist arrivals in the first six months of 2018."

"Those listed in the EU's yet-to-be-filled-in Annex of Shame will be: banned from travelling to any of the 28 EU member states; banned from transiting in any EU member state; have all their assets that are in an EU member state frozen; be prevented from claiming damages or compensation because of losses due to sanctions," the report further added.

In order to stop the sanctions, the Maldives government needs to "allow parliament and the judiciary to function normally and independently."

"Level the political playing field. Stop enabling a culture of impunity that puts the media and rights activists at risk," the opinion piece read.

Member of European Parliament (MEP) Nicolas Bay, Co-President Group: Europe of Nations and Freedom last week said that the only way out for the people of Maldives is to remove President Abdulla Yameen from power.

According to reports, Maldivians are falling prey to Yameen's political and international gamesmanship, whose primary motive is to serve his own prosperity and at the same time play with the interests of the common man.

Due to this, democracy in Maldives is under threat with Yameen paying no heed to the law and judiciary of the country.


First published: 22 July 2018, 13:11 IST