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President seeks clarification on President's Rule in Arunachal

President Pranab Mukherjee questioned the Centre's recommendation of President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh and sought clarifications from Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday, reports The Hindu. The Congress party which rules the state, meanwhile, has moved the Supreme Court on the issue, calling the recommendation unconstitutional. Arunachal Pradesh has been in political turmoil since 9 December when its governor demanded that the assembly meet early for its budget session.

BJP wants investigation into clash between Dalits and RSS in Mumbai

The BJP has requested the Maharashtra government to investigate the Sunday incident at Dharavi, Mumbai, when Dalit students protesting the suicide of Rohith Vemula clashed with RSS workers, reports The Economic Times. The RSS claims that they were not involved. BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari said on Monday: "They (the protestors) were hell bent on creating a nuisance.. It was a stage managed incident." He added that most of the BJP and RSS workers in Dharavi were Dalits. The Mumbai police has registered a case against RSS workers under the SCST Atrocity Act, but no arrests were made.

Amended SCST Act will be enforced from Tuesday

The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act will come into force on Tuesday, reports The Indian Express. The law, which ensures stringent punishment for those guilty of discrimination against scheduled castes and tribes, had been passed by President Pranab Mukherjee on 1 January, but had not been notified by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment since its rules had not been finalised. However, the Centre has been under attack for its allegedly anti-Dalit stance since the suicide of Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula in Hyderabad, and it has been decided to enforce the new law right away.

Rafale deal through, price yet to be decided

Fourteen agreements were signed by India and France on Monday, as part of the bilateral talks on the eve of Republic day when French President Francois Hollande will participate in the parade, reports The Hindu. The deal regarding the purchase of the Rafale fighter jets was also signed, though the two countries are still haggling over the price. Other agreements include nuclear reactors, French railway locomotives, a space programme and a commitment to cooperation over terrorism.

1,500 women will face police action and storm Shani Shingnapur temple today

More than 1,500 women will defy the rule of the Shani Shingnapur Temple in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, against letting women worship in the core shrine area, reports The Indian Express. The women, led by the Bhumata Ranragini Brigade, will gather at the temple at 1 pm today and then climb the platform that bears the idol of Shani. The housewives and college students who will mostly comprise the crowd know that they will face action from the police who have imposed prohibitory orders in the temple area and will make preventive arrests.

Dalit students demand a 'Rohith Act' for protection of students from marginalised communities

Students of Hyderabad University protesting against the suicide of Dalit student Rohith Vemula on 17 January have demanded a 'Rohith Act' on the lines of Nirbhaya Act, reports The Hindu. The Joint Action Committee (JAC) for Social Justice announced on Monday this to students and teachers from across the country who had arrived on the university campus as part of the 'Chalo HCU' programme in solidarity with the protests. "We demand that a Rohith Act be introduced and implemented which will ensure legislative protection for students from marginalised communities in higher educational institutions," said the JAC members. The JAC wants Union HRD minister Smriti Irani sacked and an all-India universities' strike on 27 January.

Facebook users remind us why it's good to hug trees

Facebook users are sharing findings from a 2011 published book, Blinded by Science, where the author Matthew Silverstone, proves scientifically that trees do in fact improve many health issues such as concentration levels, reaction times, depression, stress and other various forms of mental illness. He even points to research indicating a tree's ability to alleviate headaches in humans seeking relief by communing with trees.

So what is it about trees? Silverstone says that the answer to how plants and trees affect us physiologically turns out to be very simple. It is all to do with the fact that everything vibrates in a subtle manner, and different vibrations affect biological behaviours. This vibrational idea is backed up throughout the book by a number of scientific studies to provide convincing proof that tree hugging has incredible benefits to us.

Watch Ricky, a Kannada film about love during the time of Naxalism

What happens when a white tiger tracking environment conservationist, Ricky, falls in love with Radha, who lost her parents to the State's arbitrary land acquisition for a SEZ project and is drawn to Naxalism and becomes Comrade Seetha?

Rishab Shetty's Ricky is a film set against the context of forceful land acquisitions for SEZ projects and star crossed lovers in jungles belonging to Naxalites amid Mangaluru's mountainous regions as a colourful canvas. Deccan Herald calls Ricky "a riveting romance".

What should I wear, asks Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed off his drab wardrobe as he returned to work after paternity leave. He snapped his collection of identical grey T-shirts and hoodies, asking his millions of Facebook followers: "First day back after paternity leave. What should I wear?"The billionaire entrepreneur has previously said that he wears the same outfit each day to make his life more simple. The Facebook founder has been on two months of paternity leaveIn 2014 he said making clothing decisions each day was a "frivolous" waste of time, adding: "I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how best to serve this community." Later, Facebook executive director Sheryl Sandberg posted photos of Mr Zuckerberg - wearing one of his grey T-shirts - at Facebook's headquarters.

As Delhi freezes, homeless people stay away from night shelters and sleep on the streets

Ever wondered how poor people are coping with the cold wave in the capital? A news report in The Hindu found that the poor prefer to sleep on the streets than using the Government constructed 245 night shelters across the city, because caretakers asked for money.

After reports of ten homeless people dying in the past three days due to the cold wave in the Capital, teams of district SDMs took a round of the various night-shelters across the city to see the condition of homeless people. They found out that many people were not ready to live inside the shelters because they were asked to pay a bribe.

Ankur Garg, the Central Delhi District Magistrate is known to have asked the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) to conduct an inquiry into the allegation.

Its not cars, but the energy sector that pollutes

A report from India to the United Nations on climate change has revealed that India's energy sector is responsible for 71% of country's total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG's).

"The emission intensity of GDP has reduced by 12% from 2005 to 2010, on course to meeting the voluntary target of 20-25% reduction in emission intensity of GDP by 2020," Union minister of environment, forest and climate change Prakash Javadekar said in the report.

The report said that carbon dioxide or CO2 dominates the total GHG emissions and the energy sector comprising of electricity production, manufacturing industries, transport sector and fugitive emissions generates the maximum CO2 in the country. Mr Kejriwal, are you listening?