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19-year old girl killed and three others injured in multiple ceasefire violation in J&K

A 19-year old girl got killed in ceasfire violation by Pakistan troops in Ramgarh sector of Samba district, Jammu and Kashmir, on 1 November. The firing has been going on since around 6:30 am.

Two civilians were also reported injured in another ceasefire violation by Pakistan in Arnia sector of RS Pura district of Jammu and Kashmir. According to reports, India has been retalliating appropriately to Pakistan which is firing using small arms, automatics, 82 mm mortars.

Meanwhile, according to reports, encounter between security forces and terrorists is also underway in the Ajar village in Badipora district of the state.

'Rolls-Royce made illegal payments to blacklisted Sudhir Choudhrie for Hawk aircraft deal'

Rolls-Royce, the British Defence major, made 'secret payments' of around 10 million pounds in cash to an Indian defence agent, Sudhir Choudhrie, to win big defence contracts for engines on Hawk aircrafts used by the Indian Air Force, according to BBC.

As per reports, the investigation was conducted by BBC's Panorama team and The Guardian, which found evidence indicative of Rolls-Royce making secret payments to Chaudhrie, who is on the Indian government's blacklist of people suspected of "corrupt or irregular practice".

Meanwhile, according to BBC, Rolls-Royce said it was "fully co-operating with the authorities" and "cannot comment on ongoing investigations".

Pakistan considers recalling 4 officers from India

After the Indian authorities declared one of its officials persona non grata, the Pakistan Government is now considering calling back four of its officers posted in the High Commission in New Delhi, from India.

"This is under consideration. A final decision would be taken shortly," the Dawn quoted a source at the Foreign Office as saying on Monday.

The names of the officers that were made public after Indian officials released a recorded statement of a High Commission staffer Mehm­ood Akhtar - who was expelled from India after being declared persona non grata - are commercial counsellor Syed Furrukh Habib and first secretaries Khadim Huss­ain, Mudassir Cheema and Shahid Iqbal.

SIMI activists' encounter: Angry BJP asks why only security personnel are questioned

An exasperated Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on 1 November wondered why there a need to question the nation's law enforcement agencies over the elimination of eight Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) "terrorists" who broke out of the Bhopal Central Jail on 31 October morning.

It said that political parties should raise the morale of the police for their achievement, rather than always placing them in the witness box of scrutiny.

Lashing out at the Opposition, BJP leader GVL Narsimha Rao told ANI, "You have parties indulging in cheap politics and targeting the security forces rather than praising them. We are facing terrorism threats from both across the border and within and the Congress and other parties are indulging in political opportunism."

Samsung loses around 50% users to Apple iPhone 7 after Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco

Samsung is going though a rough patch. On 2 September, Samsung announced a global recall of 2.5 million Note 7s from 10 markets including the United States s its faulty batteries were leading to the handsets catching fire.

As if this was not enough, a recent report by IDC is set to add to Samsung's woes. The IDC survey was conducted just four days after Samsung stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7.

"The survey focused on three groups of consumers - current Samsung smartphone owners (507), past Samsung smartphone owners (347), and people who have never owned a Samsung smartphone (228). Among the surveyed people, only 24 of them were Galaxy Note 7 users. After the survey was completed, the results showed that half of those 24 Galaxy Note 7 users said that they have or they will choose an Apple iPhone instead of the Galaxy Note 7. 17% of them said that they would still opt for a Samsung smartphone. The survey also showed that most of them will return their Galaxy Note 7 through a carrier's physical store," reports BGR.in.

Kenya hosts first albino beauty contest

Kenya just hosted the world's first beauty contest strictly for people with albinism. Featuring 10 men and 10 women, the contest held in Nairobi had the motto 'Beauty Beyond the Skin'.

Organised by the Albinism Society of Kenya, the Mr and Miss Albinism Kenya pageant was created to celebrate those with albinism and to help fight societal stigmas and persecution faced by albinos in Africa.

Attacks in albinos are a real danger in Africa where their body parts are used in witchcraft. Attacks against albinos rose steeply last year and this was linked directly to the use of their limbs for good luck and wealth in witchcraft.

Coral snake could be the key to pain relief

The long-glanded blue coral snakes, one of the deadliest venomous snakes in the world, could actually be the key to unlocking truly effective pain relief.

The venom of this particular snake is particularly useful because it acts almost immediately due to the dangerous nature of the prey the blue coral snakes typically target.

According to Dr Bryan Fry, of the University of Queensland, "The venom targets our sodium channels, which are central to our transmission of pain. We could potentially turn this into something that could help relieve pain, and which might work better on us."

Eating Biryani in Chennai and you may be consuming cat meat

According to some reports, cat meat is being used for a delicacy called biryani in Chennai. 16 cats kept in cages, with no water or food, have been rescued by volunteers from People for Animals (PfA) and police. The Hindu reported that the animals were in "dismal condition, some infested with maggots and all of them suffering from dehydration". The reports added that some cats were killed by putting them in boiling water. The cat meat was being sold at Rs 200 for 2 kgs. This isn't the first time that cat meat has been consumed and probably not the last.

Seven-month fishing holiday begins in Odisha

To protect endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles in the Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary in Kendrapara district, the forest department has implemented a seven-month fishing ban from 1 November to 31 May. "This is going to be a major relief for the sea turtles. Gahiramatha Marine Sanctuary is a prime feeding area for the sea turtles, who nest all the way up to Nasi 1 and Nasi-2 within Gahiramath beach, and other areas," said Subrat Patra, forest range officer of the sanctuary.