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Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh Sinha's sly remarks make Mandana Karimi abandon cooking

Vineeta Kumar | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:15 IST

Mandana Karimi is evidently trying it too hard to stay in the good books of Imam Siddique. In tonight's episode, she will be seen getting into an argument with Rishabh Sinha. And, this time, it's not her but Rishabh who will be seen starting the argument.

According to the latest update on the show, Mandana and Prince were discussing the change in Rishabh's behaviour when Rishabh walked in and made nasty comments on Mandana. In reply, the lady asked him if his family taught him to respect women or not. Prince, who was standing and observing things, entered the conversation and told Mandana not to drag one's family into such petty arguments.

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While Mandana stopped talking, Rishabh carried on with his sly remarks. Mandana walked away leaving her cooking unfinished.

However, since she does not let issues pass, Mandana later made sure to discuss this with Imam, Keith and Rochelle in the garden area. Imam also added fuel to the fire by remarking that Rishabh seemed ready to drop to any level to win the show. Imam added that Mandana should teach him a lesson.

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Yes, Rishabh is trying too much to be in the limelight. But, shouldn't the housemates resolve their issues themselves and not go to Imam, lest he makes them bigger than they actually are?

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