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Bigg Boss 9: Why is Mandana Karimi taunting Prince Narula by bringing up Kishwar and Nora?

Vineeta Kumar | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:16 IST

Imam Siddique been given a new task. All the contestants have been asked to essay the role of cadets in Commander Imam's boot camp. The housemates will soon be seen taking orders from Imam - a task that is sure to see some flared tempers and nasty arguments.

In tonight's episode, Imam will be seen lashing out at Priya Malik for refusing to follow an order. The situation escalates and Priya almost faints as she carries out the punishment that Imam hands out.

Meanwhile, Mandana Karimi and Prince Narula engage in a rather loud argument. Mandana loses her cool when she finds out that one of the housemates may have used her towel.

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She takes the matter to Keith Sequeira - who seems to be the go to person for when the housemates want to resolve conflicts.

Prince interrupts Mandana during her tirade, and she lashes out at him in return. Mandana will be seen telling Prince off for forging relationships with other contestants for his own benefit. She will be seen blaming Prince for allegedly pretending to be Kishwar Merchant's brother and Nora Fatehi's love interest as a way to get ahead in the game.

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Well, it seems like the pressure of Imam's boot camp might be getting to the contestants.

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First published: 14 January 2016, 7:25 IST
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