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“I wish someone would sponsor my travel, I would just quit acting and travel all my life.”

Ami Sheth | Updated on: 21 August 2017, 15:49 IST
Naman Shaw (file pic )

Naman was last seen in Tashn-e-Ishq and is getting ready to tie the knot by the end of 2017 with his long-time bestfriend, Nehaa Mishra. The actor shares his travel diaries with us.

Your last travel destination and how did you spend your time there?
Last I traveled was to China a few years back. It was a business trip. People were going out for China so, I thought let me try out. I was really impressed by the place and their infrastructure.

Did you try the local cuisine?
Yes, I did try many cuisines. I went to an interior place where they had two menus one of them was of the local. It was an illegal place where they had tiger paws, Shark fish and every other thing available over there. I took a bite from one of the dishes of the snake and that’s the only thing I tried (Laughs) others I just could not see it.

The memorable sights you saw?
I was on a business tour so I couldn’t explore more places but yes the markets are huge over there. There are super markets which are like 20kms big.

Your work takes you to different places...
Well, sometimes but, not always. There was one show called Kasamh Se and I was very lucky to be part of it because in a year we had gone to two places Dubai and Istanbul. We had much fun. While not shooting, we used to just go out and chill.

Where have all you been to in India and abroad?
India I have been to almost all the places during my childhood. Every summer vacation my father used to take me on holidays. So, I have been to all the places from Kashmir to down south to the east - to - west in Assam, Guwahati and much more. Abroad I have been to Dubai, Turkey, China, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Your most memorable holiday?
I would say Singapore because my best friend is from there and she got married over there. We had gone there on her crazy Punjabi wedding, it was crazy. I think that is the most memorable holiday...We just celebrated it by dancing, drinking and were lost in having fun.

What is it about traveling that you like best?
I love traveling. I love to visit new places, culture, new things in life and you experience so much from it. Travelling is very important. My profession is something every time I plan something I get a show. If I have an option and loads of money then I’ll just travel.

Do you like to rough it up or pamper yourself?
A mixture of both, I like to pamper myself and also rough it up. Like there is a bike ride to Ladakh I would like to go there and do some rock climbing.

Do you like to shop when you travel? What did you shop in the different countries you have visited?
Yes, it depends on my wallet, how much money am I carrying. Shopping is not on my priority list when I am traveling. I am more of going out, having fun, and doing fun stuff like bungee jumping or Scuba Diving. Those things are something that I would like to do rather spend in clothes and shopping. When I had gone to Dubai I bought protein shakes and perfumes as it’s cheap over there. From Turkey, I got Eagle eye for all my family members; from China, I got a lot of electronic stuff for myself. From Bangkok, I got a lot of crazy stuff like t-shirts with stupid one liner on it and kinky stuff from there (laughs).

Do you shoot a lot of pics?
Not really, I am not a very sportive person and I regret that because I don’t have memories of my travel diaries. That’s a sad part; I am not a photo person. Since I don’t click pictures and later when I come back I am like I don’t have any memories.

Who does your packing? What are must have in your bag?
I do it myself and I have a man servant at home, he helps me in packing.

Your favorite mode of travel?
If the flight is available then why not to pamper yourself. I can do the adventurous trip but it takes very long. I can do 2-3 hours of bike or car ride but not beyond that. It would not prefer to travel for long hours till you reach to your destination and then you go and sleep rather I would want to enjoy the place by seeing its beauty.

A place you would like to revisit?

Which other countries would you like to explore?
Every country in the map (Laughs). I wish someone to sponsor my travel, I would just quit acting and travel all my life. I would definitely want to go to Europe on my next trip.

First published: 21 August 2017, 15:49 IST