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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9 highlights and what to expect from Episode 10

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

Warning: Spoilers ahead. Obviously.

If it is possible to be exhausted by the mere presence of a character, it has to be Daenerys Stormborn, breaker of chain, mother and perpetual saved by dragons. How many more times must we watch the same scenario play out in different locations?

Episode 9 was - in patches - more of the same, but mostly it was exhilarating to finally watch something everyone had been waiting for a long, long time.

Also, winter's truly coming. Is everyone ready? Find out:

Mother of Madness?

A while ago, a fan theory suggested that Dany like her father - the Mad King - will turn to madness herself. Two seasons ago such a theory would have left GoT fans frothing at the mouth. Their queen - crazy? NO. Right? Wrong.

If anything, the first scene of episode 9 confirms that Dany is tip toeing dangerously close to becoming the mother of madness too. If Tyrion hadn't been there, reminding her of her father's tendency to burn people, would she not have done the same to the slave masters and their ships?

She's brought an army of the Dothraki - savage warriors who kill, rape, enslave anyone weak enough to lose and set them loose on a city under siege. Who is to ensure they'll differentiate between the people of Meereen and the Sons of the Harpy?

What happens if Dany stops listening to Tyrion? What happens if she reaches Kings Landing and finds that people do not want dragons in the city or the Dothraki or her as their Queen? Interesting times ahead, for sure.

New power couple alert? Yara meets Dany

In the meantime, Theon and Yara Greyjoy magically reached half-way across the seven kingdoms in the time it took Dany to set fire to a temple and take back a city from the slave masters.

Yara making eyes at Dany was perhaps the most enjoyable bit of the scene. Fans have been rooting for Yara and Dany becoming a couple ever since GoT introduced its first lesbian major character. Will this truly come to pass? Maybe, maybe not. The chemistry between the two is still fun to watch.

It's Snow Time in Winterfell

So the fan theories were correct. Sansa HAD asked Little Finger for help. Remember when Gandalf arrives just in time to save the men of Rohan in the The Lord of the Rings, so do the Knights of the Vale arrive right before everyone in Jon's army was minutes away from meeting their maker.

The men in Game of Thrones would fare better if only they listened to the women a whole lot more. Jon Snow, your pretty hurts now. What this episode has irrefutably proved is that Snow's the most terrible army strategist in the seven kingdoms and seven hells combined.

If it hadn't been for those thousands who died to save him, he would certainly be gone. Again. Sansa on the other hand wasn't lying that Ramsay's changed her and that she can feel her 'inside her'. The worst man in Westeros is no more, but he lives on through his ex-wife.

Will Sansa betray her half-brother? You never know. This isn't the Sansa we've grown to pity. This version of Sansa everyone should fear. #ThatSmileTho

Favourite scene: Lady Lyana Mormont's face after having to endure Ramsay's bull**it.

PS: where was Ghost, pray?

Episode 10: the beginning of the end

What will happen in the next episode? From what the preview trailer shows, expect this:-

  • Cercei's trial begins. Will the Mountain Zombie crash the party?
  • Jon Snow's begging Sansa to trust him with her plans. Trust him in general. That's one story that feels like a tragedy already.
  • Was calling Little Finger a mistake? The man obviously never does anything with expecting a reward. Looks like wee Sansa's in trouble.
  • The worst hosts in history make a comeback. And it seems the Freys and the Lannisters are sending their regards to someone. Will be see payback for the atrocious Red Wedding? Will Jamie die because Walder Frey is a prick? Will Walder Frey die because Jamie feels he is a prick? Episode 10 is going to be worth the extra 9 minutes.
  • Davos has finally discovered that Melisandre burned Shireen alive. Will Jon Snow punish the women who brought him back to life? If he doesn't, will Davos and Tormund stay with him? Aah. How is it possible to pack this much conflict in such a tiny preview?
  • Dany is scared. As she should be since she's terrible at ruling kingdoms.
  • OH. Look who's back! Bran Stark makes a brief appearance, in case you missed it. Which perhaps is the most terrifying thing about the preview anyway. That boy's rarely in a happy scene.


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First published: 20 June 2016, 1:51 IST