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Why didn't Bigg Boss show Rochelle-Keith's reunion in the confession room?

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 11:02 IST

There was a wide grin on the audiences' face when they saw Keith Sequeira enter the Bigg Boss 9 house once again. The VJ-turned-actor, who had to leave the show in between due to the sad demise of his younger brother, made a rather quiet re-enrty.

Keith's re-entry didn't turn out as expected. Is it just that or were we shown only a highly-edited version of it?

Seems to be that the makers of the show chopped off an entire chunk of the footage of Keith's re-entry into the house. All we could see in Saturday's episode was Keith sitting in the confession room, soon after which Rochelle comes inside and hugs him.

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The reactions of the housemates were not shown and there is no explanation from Keith over his sudden exit from the show.

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However, after realising that viewers were extremely excited to watch Rochelle's complete reaction to Keith's re-entry and all that followed in the house, the channel posted a very short video on Twitter. Watch the video here:

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First published: 30 November 2015, 3:34 IST