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How to use email verification system

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 7 November 2017, 16:02 IST

Businesses need a lot of advertising without which it cannot grow or become popular. One way of advertisement is to directly send the emails to the audience’s inbox.

If you’re in online business and need to collect user information then you need email address validations and address verification services. These are needed to ensure that the given information is clean and correct. But in order to do it correctly, you need to make your approach perfectly. You should see if all the mails regarding your business are going exactly to the customer's inbox and not in some spam folder and your investment is not going to vain.
So, you need to keep a regular check that mail list of yours and validate that list in order to attain maximum advantage of your business campaign.

About Email verification:
You can check and filter your email list using email validation list. You can also check if any email address is real or fake or a spam and if you are sending your emails are exactly to the customer or nowhere.

Benefits of using email verification:
1. Domain verification: Lots of domains are out in the internet that masks the validity of the emails and reports those addresses good even if they are not valid. With the help of Zerobounce.net you can check the if the emails are correct or not.

2. Abuse accounts: There are a lot of subscribers in the internet who spams your emails. Email proof services can identify those accounts and remove them. So, from the next time you send emails to your subscribers, those unwanted ones won’t be in your list.

3. Spam Traps: Lots of spam traps are available in the internet which can affects negatively your email marketing campaign. You should use Email Verifier  services to keep track of these spam traps and stay out of it.


4. Disposable emails: Disposable email accounts are such emails which users create to work for short service of time. After certain time those email addresses becomes inactive. Email confirmation services helps to identify such disposable emails.

5. Data append: Some Email Verifier can also provide you with the data of subscriber’s first name, last name, gender, location and account creation. With the help of data appending (that’s what it is called) you can routinely follow your subscriber’s needs and upgrade your current data base.

6. IP append: Some email verification services can also provide you the IP addresses of the subscriber. Using the IP address of your subscriber you can get the location, city and zip code.
So, email authentication is very important to any company who is in the field of digital marketing and it's online. Using software is the best possible way to regulate the incoming and outgoing flow of the emails from your emails efficiently. The more it can do the better it should be for your business.

This will ultimately save you a tremendous amount of time, effort, and energy. And while many companies have resisted implementing an address verification system because of the initial start-up and installation costs, the eventual savings will be more than makeup of it.

First published: 7 November 2017, 15:58 IST