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Guybrators, anyone? 5 sex gadgets you didn't know you needed

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 2 August 2016, 15:05 IST

Joaquin Phoenix's character in Her made love to Samantha, an operating system. The film is an eerie reflection of society's obsession with technology. An obsession that has now transcended into the realm of the sensual. Think about this the next time you caress your smartphone while anticipating a particular message.

Our infatuation with gadgets has led to the creation of complex, fascinating and some downright strange sex gadgets. And no one seems to be complaining!

Here are the craziest sex toys available in the market today:

Electric Eel Digital Condom

The Electric Eel is basically a sleeve, that is wired with electrodes and aligned to a microcontroller for power, which sends electrical impulses to the shaft to magnify the sensual vibrations via penetrations. This may sound like a heavy piece of machinery but hold on, it is not.

VR Tenga

With virtual reality taking over the world, it was only a matter of time before it found a place in the bedroom too. The first wave of VR-related adult entertainment? Virtual sex with a 3D avatar of your choice. If that floats your boat, then get your hands on the VR Tenga.

The Gaga

This one is dubbed the "GoPro of sex toys". And with good reason. The Gaga is basically a vibrator with a built-in camera. What is it for? Why, to give you a close up view of the things within, of course. You can also control the device from its smartphone app.


A number of iPad users will admit to using Safari just to watch porn. The LaunchPAD intends to take that one step further. The LaunchPAD is a fleshlight that can be strapped onto the Apple iPad in a bid to offer immediate satisfaction to users checking out erotic clips or even sex-cam action with other users.


Dubbed as the first 'guybrator', this sex toy is a hands-free, male stimulator. The device uses oscillations to get you off. Reports claim the device was built to help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

First published: 2 August 2016, 15:05 IST