6 movies you need to watch to understand HIV-AIDS

Speed News Desk | First published: 1 December 2016, 11:17 IST
Worlds AIDS day

An estimated 36.7 million people, including 1.8 million children around the world live with HIV, statistics from UNAIDS 2016 have revealed.

India, like most developing countries, lacks a comprehensive dialogue on AIDS that is informative enough to the common man. While India has a staggering amount of content that is meant to raise awareness, it fails to achieve its aim. The information is too technical and poorly-packaged to eliminate the stigma surrounding the ailment.

However, one of the more successful ways to raise awareness on the issue is to package it with entertainment. This is not over-simplification but rather, a tried and tested method. So, here is a list of movies that have been successful in educating viewers about AIDS while still retaining their core element - entertainment.

1. My Brother Nikhil (2005)

This 2005 film, directed by Onir and starring Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla and Purab Kohli, revolves around the life of an Indian AIDS activist.

Set in Goa between 1986 and 1994, Nikhil Kapoor (Sanjay Suri) plays a state swimming champion who is ostracized from society after he is diagnosed with HIV. Not only does he lose his berth in the team, but he is also legally isolated by the government - as a direct fallout of the flawed Goa Public Health Act.