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Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition: Does one need a fan to put out the fires?

Sahil Bhalla | Updated on: 4 July 2017, 17:56 IST

For two-thirds of the original asking price, Samsung is hoping that the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, a re-launched Galaxy 7, will put out the fires started by its infamous original, rather than fan the flames. It will launch in Samsung's home country of South Korea on 7 July, for a price of $609 (Rs 39,441 approximately), or two-thirds of the original price of the Galaxy 7.

The Note FE, as people are calling it, is made from salvaged parts. Initially, 400,000 units will be sold in South Korea, with a plan to sell overseas at a later point in time. Samsung had to recall some 3 million units of the Galaxy Note 7 in October, 2016, following many of the devices catching fire.

The Fan Edition is almost exactly the same as the original Galaxy Note 7. It comes with a smaller battery, 3,200 mAh, that has been “enhanced with multiple safety designs.” For those keen on getting the smartphone, there is an added bonus from the original. Samsung will be updating the software so that the smartphone can run Bixby, the company's digital assistant competitor to Siri and Google Assistant.

The Note FE will feature a 5.7-inch screen with a 16:9 ratio. It will be offering a stylus and an iris scanner (added after the success of the Galaxy S8).

Galaxy Note 8 anyone?

With strong rumours pointing towards the launch of the Galaxy Note in August, most people will be likely to skip this relaunched phone and wait for the Note 8 instead. In fact, all reports point to the Note 8 being an absolute killer of a phone (not in the exploding sort of way).

It's rumoured to have a dual-camera system, and a larger curved display than the one seen on the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Galaxy Note 7

Following the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung hit one of the darkest periods in the company's history. The reputation of the brand was hit and all eyes were on the Galaxy S8, and whether it could salvage anything (it has). The Galaxy Note 7, at launch, was also one of the most expensive phones ever launched by Samsung.

Within a month of its launch, Samsung was forced to recall the phone due to reports of the phone overheating and catching fire. The company launched a second version of the smartphone with modified batteries. Still, the phone kept overheating and Samsung had to take them all off the market. Even those who refused to return the phone couldn't use it, as Samsung disabled all remaining Galaxy Note 7s with a software update.

Note 7s were banned by aviation authorities across the world. Photos circulated widely on social media of burnt smartphones. The recall by Samsung cost the company billions of dollars. Finally, the company released an investigation into why the phones were overheating, which pointed to design flaws in the batteries.

One thing Samsung has done to enhance its image is to minimise waste. The Galaxy Note FE is the first step towards that goal.

First published: 4 July 2017, 17:56 IST
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