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5 Things You Should Have in Your Arsenal to Crack JEE Mains & Advance Successfully

Catch Team | Updated on: 27 April 2017, 16:42 IST
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Nothing is more important for an aspiring engineer than getting the best guidance to crack JEE Main & Advanced successfully. The right guidance for a systematic preparation and strategized JEE study can come from different corners, such as, mentors at your coaching institute or your seniors who have got admission in one of the reputed seats of learning. All of them will offer you the following advice that will keep on track-

You must be enrolled in a reputed coaching institute

The first step towards a strategized JEE Main & Advance preparation is getting enrolled in a trusted coaching institutes of your vicinity. While zeroing in on a coaching Institute, you need to look for deciding factors like competence of its faculty as well as the success rate of the institute. Reviews of a coaching center, such as Aakash Institute will help you narrow your search. If you read Aakash Institute reviews, you will find that the students and parents are quite satisfied by the facilities and expertise offered by the institute. In addition to that, the proximity of a coaching institute to your residence is an important precursor to your decision. This way, you would spend less time travelling and more time on self-study.

You must look forward to instant doubt resolution

If you want to have a thorough understanding of every concept and chapter, never ignore your doubts. Doubts will be a barrier to your preparation. Therefore, don’t hesitate from asking doubts, if any, during classroom sessions. You can also attend regular doubt resolution sessions at your coaching institute.

You can take regular tests to improve your accuracy

Once you are done with a significant part of the JEE syllabus, its time you take mock tests. Enroll for a mock test series and take regular tests to improve problem-solving skills. Mock tests that are conducted by reputed coaching institutes is what you must go for. You are likely to get detailed analysis report after every test that will help you keep a tab of your performance.

You should refer to enriched study materials



Study materials are something you can refer to during the self-study or revision phase of your preparation. So, it is important that you get elaborate and enriched study materials where all concepts and chapters are explained in detail. If a study material includes illustrations, images, graphs, diagrams, it is going to be more helpful. Different coaching institutes provide study materials, and you can choose the one which has got good reviews from students.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated during the preparation process is quite important. You can manage your study time to avoid anxiety and panic attacks. As long as you are studying as per the plan, you are likely to stay motivated and confident about your success. Also, pep talks with mentors would help you in keeping your morale high.

Never give up on preparation just because you are feeling demotivated. Prepare under the guidance of experienced mentors who will help you sail through the hurdles that will come your way. Remember no matter how big a problem seem to be, there is always a way out. Just believe in your preparation and pay heed to the tips discussed in this write-up.


First published: 27 April 2017, 16:42 IST