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Solar Eclipse 2020: Beware! List of things that you should not do during Surya Grahan

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 June 2020, 15:58 IST

Amid coronavirus pandemic, an annular solar eclipse will also be witnessed by various countries on June 21. This will be the first solar eclipse in 2020, followed by one on December 14, 2019.

Notably, an annular eclipse is a rare occurrence as in India, it has been observed in the recent past on January 15, 2010, and September 1, 2016, respectively.

According to TimeAndDate, the annular solar eclipse will be observed in India on June 21, 2020, at around 9:15 am and will end at 3:04 pm.

Which country can see?

The eclipse will be visible from parts of Africa, India, Pakistan, and China.

People of these countries will be able to see the characteristic ring of fire. However, weather conditions will also be important to see the eclipse.

During annular solar eclipses, a ring of fire is formed around the moon’s periphery and it is different from a total eclipse.

As per Science studies, it is believed that solar eclipse will always occur approximately two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse. Notably, this is the second eclipse that will be witnessed in the same month.

In India, there are a lot of myths and superstitions associated with solar eclipses. Hence, various dos and don’ts that people follow during the eclipse time.

Check out what to do and what not to do during Solar Eclipse:


  • People avoid sleeping during the eclipse hours.
  • Staying indoors is also practiced by people during the eclipse.
  • People also chant mantras dedicated to the Sun God on this day.
  • Pregnant ladies are advised to stay indoors.
  • After eclipse ends, people take bath and open the doors of the temple.


  • Don’t see the eclipse with one’s naked eyes as it could affect your vision.
  • A normal use binocular or telescope should not be used to view the eclipse.
  • No auspicious task should be done during the eclipse hours in many households.

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First published: 12 June 2020, 15:40 IST