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Did you know, Jellyfish are secretly planning to take over the world!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 21 November 2017, 11:24 IST

Jellyfish looks beautiful and it is amazing to see species like that. Jellyfish have been on the Earth like since forever, in the oceans spread worldwide. They are evolving and their population is increasing day by day.

Interestingly, these underwater organisms have no brains, hearts, bones or other main organs. Well, this doesn’t bother people much right? But this theory will surely make you think about jellyfish like never before. According to scientists, they are conspiring for world domination. This did make you think, How?

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Here are a few facts about jellyfish that support this theory:

1. Jellyfish anatomy

Jellyfish has a unique biological formation. They are very cool with no brains or even heart. They are 97% water. You need to read the life cycle and anatomy of jellyfish to prep yourself for their world domination.

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2. Vast kind of Jellyfish

There are so many variety of jellyfish and they are merely dying. In fact, the number of jellyfish is increasing day by day. They are developing ways to survive in the world and may be trying to become the most dominant species.

3. Science and Jellyfish

Jellyfish and science seem as if they go hand in hand. Many experiments have been practiced on them whether it be shooting them into space by NASA or making 5 foot robot out of jellyfish.

4. Amazing to look at

Is it a trick that they look so pretty? Are they trying to enchant us with their beauty? We do not know it yet, if they plot the destruction of the world no one will suspect it. The way they are rising because of climate change, over fishing, Eutrophication etc this invasion these little creatures are planning might actually happen.


5. They can really mess things up

According to reports, they have screwed up work at power plants by clogging the pipes in power plants, ruining the beach trips since forever and Box jellyfish can actually kill you.

Now do you fear these tiny creatures who look like they are no threat to mankind? We have a solution to this. If you want to tackle this ‘sneaky invasion,’ EAT THEM UP! Just like other species we have ended, aim to end these Jellyfish as well.

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First published: 4 November 2017, 11:55 IST