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Pattinappakkam​ : ​Trailer of Jayadev's thriller is out

Sree Prasad Nair | Updated on: 12 February 2017, 13:32 IST

The trailer of upcoming Tamil film, Pattinappakkam​ is out.​ The film marks the directorial debut of Jayadev Balachandran,​ son of late cinematographer G Balachandran Pillai and brother of Malayalam actress Bhavana​​.

The film, written and directed by Jayadev and produced by Rohit Roy under Mulamoottil Productions, stars ​​Kalaiyarasan​ of Kabali fame​ and ​Yaamirukka Bayamey​ actress ​​Anaswara Kumar in the lead.

Going by the trailer, it's evident that ​Jayadev has tried his best to pull in the ​audience by many twists and turns in the story. ​The one-minute and t​wenty six-second long trailer also gives a glimpse ​of ​thrills, suspense,​ and car ​chases which indicates​ ​Pattinappakkam​ has something new to offer​.

Speaking to Catch, Jayadev shared his experience as a debut director.

​"​Making a movie is a team effort, not a one man show​.​ ​In a movie, the director, actors, technicians, and producer has to work as a single unit​.​ ​Heirarchy is very strong in ​m​ovie, but even the person working on the lowest levels are equally important just like the director.​​ Steps of making a movie are perfected over time. So when you get into movies, you either follow the system, or walk out​. My father says, movie is a living entity and in order to give you success, movie asks for your life itself. Movie feeds on your commitment, true passion and loyalty. Its so true in my experience"

Pattinappakkam audio launch

P​attinappakkam also stars an ensemble supporting cast including veteran Malayalam actor Manoj K Jayan, Yog Japee, Kannada-Tamil actress Chaya Singh, John Vijay, MS Bhasker, and Charlie.

​The music of Pattinappakkam has been composed by Ishan Dev while the cinematography and editing by Raana and Athul Vijay, respectively. The director wife, stylist Vinaya Dev, has been roped in for the costume design aspect of the film.Pattinappakkam also stars Rosin Jolly, Swaminathan, Madhan Babu, R Sundar Rajan, Madhumitha, Rajesh Ranga, Meepu Swami, Sreeram, Adithi Ravi, Dilsha, Rekha Suresh, Meera Krishnan and Arputhan Vijay.

Pattinappakam is slated to be released soon.​​

First published: 12 February 2017, 13:32 IST