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UP CM says, Increasing population hurdle in way of development

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 July 2021, 0:31 IST

Increasing population can be a hurdle in way of the development said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adtyanath on Sunday as he unveiled the state's Population Policy 2021-2030 on the occasion of World Population Day.

He further added that every community has been taken care of in Population Policy 2021-2030.

Emphasising on the need to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate and asserting the importance of population stabilisation for hindrance-free development of the state, he said.

"This concern has been expressed from time to time all over the world. An increased population can be a hindrance to development. It has been discussed for four decades now. The countries which took it seriously, those countries have developed."

Terming poverty as a 'big curse', Adityanath mentioned that Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in the country, adding that to ensure prosperity, a new population policy needs to be established in the state.

"Today Uttar Pradesh also needs to establish a new population policy. Poverty is a big curse. Being the most populous state in the country, we have to think now. Through this prosperity is possible," said the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Stating that the total fertility rate in the state declined from 3.6 in 2016 to the present 2.7, Adityanath said that a gap between two children is necessary, adding that not only mother and child but each and every section of the society needs to be linked with population stabilisation.

"In 2016 the total fertility rate (TFR) was 3.6, today it is 2.7 at the state level. The difference between two children is necessary. It is necessary to reduce infant and maternal mortality. Population stabilisation is necessary. It has to be linked with mother and child. We need to connect every section of society with it. All the departments related to the government will implement the new draft effectively," added the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Uttar Pradesh Law Commission chairman Aditya Nath Mittal had on Saturday said that under the proposed population control bill in the state, any couple who would follow the two-child policy will receive perks from the government.

The state's Law Commission has released the first draft of the proposed 'UP Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021' in the public domain and invited public suggestions by July 19."State Law Commission has given a proposal for population control and welfare. We have proposed that any couple that follows the two-child policy will be given all government benefits. They will be able to avail all government welfare schemes," Mittal told ANI.


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First published: 11 July 2021, 16:19 IST